Oshiwara's Dishaw's Xpress to serve a special Parsi Thali to celebrate Navroze


The Parsi community has been a dear part of Mumbai for many decades now, and ever since we know the community, we are aware that they take their food very seriously. This month also marks a very special occasion for them, Navroze, and keeping the same in mind, Oshiwara's popular hangout joint, Dinshaw Xpress, is all set to serve the delicacies from Parsi cuisine. 

Serving them in a thali, food lovers can enjoy the Navroze season with some authentic Parsi popular dishes. For the vegetarians, the deal includes delicacies like Patata Cheese Balls, Veg Dhansak, Rice, Lagan Nu Custard / Parsi Kulfi, Pallonji Drink. Meat lovers can enjoy either the chicken thali or the mutton thali which serves options like Chicken Farcha, Chicken Dhansak / Salli Marghi (Salli Chicken), Kheema Kebab, Mutton Dhansak / Salli BotiBerry, Berry Pulao / Hot Buttered Pao,  Lagan Nu Custard / Parsi Kulfi, Pallonji Drink. Besides this, one can also feel Parsi with the special Batliwala thali includes specials like Kheema Kebab, Patra Ni Machchi (Ravas), Kid Ghosht, Berry Pulao.

These specially curated thalis showcase the best of Parsi gastronomy. Dhanshak is one of the most popular dishes served in the community. Made out of lentils, this dish culminates two cultures - Parsi and Gujarati, where 'Dhan' means a cereal and 'Shak' means vegetables. For decades, this dish is being prepared with Vegetables or meat and is being served with caramalised rice. 

The meal prices start from Rs. 399 for vegetarian and Rs. 599 for non-vegetarians.