Aditi Sharma gets candid about her debut show Kaleerein

In a candid interaction with Mumbai Live, newbie Aditi Sharma spoke about the show, her co-star Arjit Taneja and much more...


At the press conference of Zee Tv’s Kaleerein, we met this beautiful and chirpy newbie of telly town Aditi Sharma who seemed to be all excited for her debut show. The actress has pursued Mass communication degree from Delhi University. She always dreamt of becoming an actress. “I always wanted to be in front of the camera and therefore pursue acting as a profession. My parents were very much happy with my decision. They are very supportive and have always allowed me to do what I want”, says Aditi.

Kaleerein gives out a message to all the to be brides to be herself and not to change in order to find a perfect match. While conversing with Aditi about the show we recalled her (Meera’s) dialogue from the promo- “Shaadi usi se karungi jo samjhega mujhe” and asked her how she perceives the line and the concept of the show, “Each show has a different tale to tell. I feel till date we have seen many stories which are portrayed on subjects like education to a girl child, female feticide, and domestic violence; but this is a different subject which deals with a girl’s marriage and the behavioral changes that her family members or would be in-laws wish to bring. As Meera, I would refrain all this and would expect that a guy should accept me as I am. I don’t want to be anybody’s shopping list!”, avers the 21-year-old actress.

On being asked about her real-life prince charming, Aditi mentions, “In real life too I will never change for a person. If acting is my profession, then I wish that my would-be husband and his family should accept this. For the moment, I haven’t thought about it yet, pehle career bana lu phir sochenge.

Aditi adds that she was initially very nervous but at the same time excited to give the first shot which was filmed in Patiala, Punjab. Talking about her co-star Arjit Taneja, the actress asserts, “Arjit is a very nice and a supportive person. He helps me with my lines and keeps encouraging to give my best."

Finally chatting about her acting inspirations Aditi says that she is enthralled by Priyanka Chopra’s personality, Deepika Padukone’s acting skills, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s elegance.

Way to go girl!

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