Deepika sidelines Ranveer for Vin Diesel

Deepika sidelines Ranveer for Vin Diesel

Mumbai - Are Ranveer-Deepika still a couple ? or were they in the first place ? Their current equation seems very confusing. Anyways Deepika never acknowledged this relationship publically but Ranveer left no stone unturned proclaiming his love for her.

But since Deepika went to pursue her Hollywood dream, Ranveer really had to struggle for her attention. For birthdays, new year eve or Valentine day Dippy was too busy to spend quality time with her rumoured beau.

On another hand, Deepika shared amazing chemistry with her XXX co-star Vin Diesel which was evident in the Mumbai promotional event of the film too.

On American Tv show Deepika coyly accepted that she had 'fantasies ' about having babies with the Hollywood hunk. Now one hears that Deepika is keen to dash off to the USA for another project with Vin Diesel and seems distracted on the sets of Rani Padmavati.

She had not made any public appearance with Ranveer off late. So is finally another love story biting the dust due to aspirations?

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