Did this incident dampen our Mastani's spirits?

Did this incident dampen our Mastani's spirits?

We have seen them giggling on Karan's couch, we saw them dancing in Bajirao Mastani we saw them shining on foreign shores ...And now we also hear about their Equations going Sour, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are B towns darling ladies who always make headlines. Ever since Deepika followed Priyanka to Hollywood, stories of their cold war are doing rounds. When Priyanka sizzled on the red carpet for an awards nite in a golden gown Deepika also chose golden plunging neck attire for the promotions of XXX- Return of the Xander Cage.

Recently when Priyanka returned to Mumbai she wanted to celebrate her homecoming in the company of her friends and well-wishers. She was seen hugging and exchanging air kisses with Kangana and Sonam who are Lovely Padukone's arch rivals. In her Movie, Baywatch Priyanka mentioned Katrina fleetingly calling her India's iconic star. Now We all know the kind of equation Katrina and Deepika share. After all enemy's enemy is considered friend ,isn't it? In her recent Interview, Priyanka said that just because she is famous in India she doesn't expect the world to know her. But was she referring to an incident when Deepika on her trip to Hollywood was called "Priyanka" by the foreign media.

This incident did dampen our Mastani's spirits. PC, on the other hand, seems to be darting saccharine sweet sarcasm towards Shanti.

Smart and lethal, Eh?

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