4 Wrongs You Can Make Right with a Travel Insurance Policy

Here are a few situations where overseas travel insurance will be there to your rescue:

4 Wrongs You Can Make Right with a Travel Insurance Policy

Embarking on a foreign trip, whether for professional or personal reasons, require a significant budget and proper planningOverseas travel insurance should be a vital part of this planning. It not only protects you against unforeseen medical expenses but also takes care of other miscellaneous travel expenses that might occur due to loss of passport, baggage or flight delays. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry. While travelling is all about collecting lifelong memories, it comes with its share of risks associated with it. You cannot predict political unrest, natural disaster or medical emergencies in the foreign place you want to visit. Hence, overseas travel insurance is a must while on vacation abroad.    

Buying overseas travel insurance ensures you do not have to spend out of pocket to deal with any crisis while travelling. It will help if you buy travel insurance in India if you are planning to travel abroad for the first time. You do not know what to expect, thus having a travel plan as a safety net can prove to be of great help. 

Here are a few situations where overseas travel insurance will be there to your rescue:

Medical Emergency

Despite how much you plan for your tripyou can’t predict your health condition. A medical emergency can cause a financial disbalance in a foreign land, along with physical harm. It is best to have a backup in the form of overseas travel insurance that offers coverage for medical bills either through reimbursement or cashless facility. 

Comprehensive overseas travel insurance also includes medical evacuation, out-patient expenses and even pre-existing ailments.

You might not know that paying for healthcare treatment can be quite expensive abroad. Therefore, you must buy an overseas travel insurance plan to avoid massive losses and avail quality treatment anywhere around the world.

Flight Cancellation/ Delay

Flight schedules are not under your control, irrespective of where you plan to goImagine situation where your connecting flight gets delayed or cancelled. Your overseas travel insurance plan will help you book a flight back homeWith such coverage, you can get a refund on the ticket expenses or the hotel expenses, if any. Such disruptions to your trip can otherwise cost you a fortune. 

Travel insurance packages also cover you for incidents that are out of your hands so that you don’t have to spend your money if something goes wrong.

Loss of Belongings

There is a chance that you may lose your belongings, such as baggage or even your passport. You might have to incur considerable expenses to survive in a foreign land. Loss of wallet or luggage can land you in a stressful situation. But overseas travel insurance will reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses and support you financially at such times so that you can enjoy your trip to the most

Natural Calamity

Imagine that you’ve finally made it to your ideal destination. But due to a calamity prediction, you have to stay a little longer despite having the return tickets. Overseas travel insurance will reimburse this loss for you to minimize your losses in such a situation of panicIt also reimburses you if your trip gets cut short due to a covered reason defined in the policy terms.

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Overseas travel insurance does worth every penny as it gives peace of mind during a foreign trip. Reputable insurance providers such as TATA AIG offer comprehensive overseas travel insurance to take care of all your concerns while you are in a foreign land, away from your native countryThey also provide extensive medical benefits, such as compensation for accidental death or injury, expenses of medical treatment or illness, reimbursement of emergency transportation and medical supplies. It is wise to invest in a travel pan rather than bearing huge losses due to events that are not under your control. 

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