Singer Aaryan releases a new song 'Back in the Day'

The new release, distributed by Believe music global, is all about memories and going back to them. His previous release was inspired by his favourite musician, John Mayer.

Singer Aaryan releases a new song 'Back in the Day'

Singer, composer, producer Aaryan is back again with a new song. Named Back in the Day, this new release is all about memories and going back to them.

Surrounding a group of childhood friends, the song reflects on these pals who have lost their friendship due to time and busy lifestyles. Yet their friendship is strong and it is this memorable yet lost time that the protagonist remembers. The song is about the group’s past & present and their yet strong bond that is still intact, despite odds.  

Speaking about young Aaryan, he has been reaching the stars with his musical talent in the last few years. His debut song Yaadien reached 1 Million+ views within a month. This melodic song made you remember about your lost love with charms of the bygone era rock ballads. Released by Zee Music Company, it was inspired by his favourite – John Mayer. His latest song is distributed by Believe music globally. 

Aaryan grew up in a household wherein his everyday life he heard well-composed music of artists from around the world. Aaryan's passion for music started with him listening to the likes of Dire-Straits, Jon Bon Jovi and John Mayer in school. He is now a Mumbai based singer trained in Hindustani classical music but does not restrict himself to that particular genre. He is currently tied up with the “Zee Music company” for his latest composition.

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