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Why should you pay attention to cybersecurity?

Why should you pay attention to cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is more than a hooded individual sitting in a dimly lit facility with computers and wires scattered about, attempting to hack into a bank's server in a country on the other side of the planet. There's a lot more to cybersecurity than what's depicted in the media, entertainment, and popular culture. Cybersecurity is about guarding anything digital, and that word alone says a lot.

Everything advanced in today's day is digital in some way or another: your TV network, your mobile phone, your bank account, your city's traffic lights, your state's power system controls, your GPS satellites, your country's space research probes, and its nuclear power plant controls. And everything digital is open to tampering by malicious hackers. This is what makes ethical hacking such an important part of our lives.

Why is cybersecurity so critical?

The digital and internet revolutions paved the door for hundreds of thousands of breakthroughs that improved man's life. Every day, millions of software developers around the world wake up and go to work, where they produce software programmes for existing and emerging technologies. It is crucial to highlight that all of these new technologies and software are not completely hack-proof because their inventors are not necessarily skilled in cybersecurity.

As a result, dozens of new software and tech devices hit the market, where individuals may buy them and use them to integrate their operations and make their lives a little easier than they were before. Not to mention that these new developments are riddled with flaws that hackers can exploit to access the user's private zone and steal sensitive information.

In a nutshell, cybersecurity is as vital in the realm of innovative technology as the technology itself. Every new invention poses a potential risk to its end users unless proper and robust security is in place to protect the systems.

Where is cybersecurity required?

Security is a vital component of the entire digital world, from the most basic to the most powerful technologies. Governments require cybersecurity specialists to prevent cyber warfare with other countries. Energy, banking, communication, transportation, information technology, education, military, law enforcement, healthcare, public infrastructure, and any other industry that hasn't already been listed require cybersecurity specialists to keep bad actors and incidents at bay.

Aside from that, cybersecurity experts must respond to and investigate cyber crimes and incidents, which is a set of skills taught through the well-known ECIH and CHFI courses.

Is there a sufficient number of cybersecurity experts in the world?

No, it does not. No, it does not. To be honest, all of the above-mentioned industries have a severe problem with underfunded cybersecurity teams. In the commercial world today, a ransomware assault occurs every 11 seconds. In general, hackers launch attacks every 39 seconds, or 2,244 times per day. Emails continue to be the most common source of malware, and ransomware continues to cause the most harm to organisations, particularly in the healthcare sector.

At the heart of all of these realities is the issue of a severe scarcity of trained workers. There are currently 2.8 million cybersecurity specialists working around the world, with 4.07 million job openings. The fact that these job advertisements have increased by a mind-boggling 94 per cent in just six years demonstrates the acute demand for competent labour. As a result, cybersecurity has become a very valued career prospect, with the CEH Certification ranking among the top 15 most sought-after certificates in the IT industry.

What's more, when compared to the overall IT job market, cybersecurity job ads have surged by a whopping 300 per cent. This means that more than data scientists and computer programmers, the world is obviously crying out for more people to pursue a career in cybersecurity and close the ridiculous, hazardous gap.

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