The Wunderkinds

NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021, India

Featuring HotPocket

Hrishi Giridhar, guitar

Ayan Banerjee, piano

Risa Rodrigues, bass guitar

Siddhanth Banerjee, drums


A superbly talented group of youngsters called ‘The Wunderkinds’ aged 11 to 23, are going to light up the stage with Sound, Rhythm and Song, backed by ‘Hot Pocket’, playing and singing innovatively improvised versions of popular songs in different musical styles and vocalese, embracing Funk, R&B, Latin, Pop, Rock and Jazz. This is brought to you as part of the NCPA Performance Series, on 20th July, 2019 at the Experimental Theatre. ‘The Wunderkinds’ who had multiple standing ovations last year are guaranteed to entertain you with the most melodic, rhythmic and tap stepping music. Don’t miss it!!

An NCPA Presentation

Late entry will not be permitted. 

The Wunderkinds