Vesha - Dramatic reading of a Gujarati Play

Studio Tamaasha
602, Samarth Vaibhav, Millat Circle, Tarapore Gardens, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400102, India
A dramatic reading of a Gujarati Play 

When: Saturday, 18th January 2020 - 7:30 PM at Studio Tamaasha, Andheri (W)

Synopsis: Vesha’ is the story of a conflict between two heads of a Bhavai troupe, a father and a son. On the same night, they both decide to stage two different Bhavai Veshas (plays). The father stages the Vesha of Asaait Thakar, the founder of the Bhavai form itself.  Set in the fourteenth century the vesha shows how a transgression of caste identity was the foundation of Bhavai. The son stages a modern Vesha, a story of two lower-caste policemen and their encounter with a youth who belongs to the Patidar community - which locates itself higher up in the caste hierarchy - soon after the violent Patidar agitation for reservation in Gujarat in 2015. The play oscillates between both the Veshas and probes into a fundamental question: How can one claim an identity without the stigma attached to it?

Readers: Pratik Gandhi, Hemang Vyas, Hemant Kher, Parth Rawal

Written by: Abhimanyu Acharya

Directed by: Pratik Gandhi

Chanakya Vyas, Indian Ensemble’s artistic director, will be present at the reading to share information about this rigorous and exciting programme.

Studio Tamaasha’s dramatic readings of new writings programme dedicate this reading of a new Gujarati play to the memory of Manharbhai Gadhia an ardent supporter of the alternative in Gujarati theatre. 

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