BMC's New Strategy to Tackle Air Pollution Across Mumbai - Read Fresh Regulations Here

The BMC issued new and strict guidelines for developers to combat air pollution caused by construction activities.

BMC's New Strategy to Tackle Air Pollution Across Mumbai - Read Fresh Regulations Here
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In response to the city's deteriorating Air Quality Index (AQI) due to continuous construction, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)'s development plan department has devised a strategy to curb air pollution. Sunil Rathod, the chief engineer of the development plan, issued a circular on September 15 outlining routine inspections of construction sites and corrective measures.

What does the BMC Circular Say?

As the monsoon season ends and concerns about air pollution resurface, the BMC circular addresses these issues with a series of corrective actions. The circular requires tin or metal sheets over 20 feet high around project locations where demolition is necessary. These sheets must be wind-or dust-breaking. It also requires developers to cover the site's floor and scaffolding with tarpaulin, green cloth, or a jute sheet. All of them must be cleaned regularly, too.

Specific Instructions for Developers

Developers are advised against hammering and crushing waste on-site. They are also instructed to keep it moist by misting it with water. The water-fogging should also be done during excavation, material loading and unloading, and construction activities. All debris, including loose soil, sand, and construction and demolition materials, must be stored in a designated area. That area should be completely covered with tarpaulin.

Regulations for Construction Vehicles

The circular states that garbage generated on the property must be transported in accordance with the BMC-approved waste management plan to the authorised unloading location. There will be a total ban on disposing of construction waste and trash on public streets and sidewalks. The developer must provide a dust extraction system and necessary air pollution control technology when needed.

Daily Cleaning Requirements

The circular also requires that vehicles conveying construction material and rubbish be completely covered, protected, and thoroughly cleaned after unloading. The entry and exit gates, as well as the neighbouring roads, must be cleaned daily to remove dust. Vacuum-sweeping may also be carried out on the roads.

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