Dance OK Please with Kaleekarma, Potter & Saral at Khar Social

Khar Social
Ground, 1, Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052, India
About Dance OK Please

A new mid-week property brought to you by Social x Krunk which will focus on showcasing local and international talent pushing Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, Disco, House and Bass.

About Kaleekarma

Kaleekarma is foremost a storyteller. She uses music as the medium to weave together a richly detailed tapestry of theatrical tales. She is drawn to organic, ethnic, retro, acid and folk sounds. Her primary aim as an artist is to guide the listener on a journey through shifting soundscapes and states of mind, from peaceful and unhurried to intense and other-worldly, with much that can and does come in between.

Introduced to the world of electronic music in 2010, her curiosity and interest was piqued immediately and she started seeking out sounds and learning to mix music that stirred her soul. Her first chance to take control of the console came at a house party in 2012. That's where Kaleekarma came into being, as this house-party stint got her invited to play at a venue in Mumbai. She went on to play at small events and venues across India which gave her a space to experiment and the chance to keep learning. This period of practice and exploration played an important role in helping her define her tastes and set intentions towards her craft.

In early 2015, Kaleekarma played her first international gig in Mauritius, which widened her exposure and gave her music a reach beyond India. In the following years, she found herself in the company of a more dedicated breed of music enthusiasts and listeners. She went on to share her mixes with and gain visibility through music portals such as Etheral Kollektiv,, Wild City, Stamp The Wax and Getting Deeper.

Having played in all the major metropolitan cities across India, Kaleekarma enjoys a level of national recognition in the underground music space in the country. She has had the opportunity to play alongside touring international artists such as Stimming, Parra For Cuva, HVOB, Stavroz, Zero7, Free The Robots and A Guy Called Gerald, amongst others.

About Potter

The Mumbai-based DJ is intent on preserving the true essence of underground sounds. Keeping the focus fixed on hitting a balance between both experimental and club music, blending styles like Electro, Breaks and Techno.

Not only has he performed at prestigious venues around the country but also in Europe like City Hall (Barcelona), Katerblau (Berlin), Anomalie Art Club (Berlin) Game Tavern(Montpellier) & many more. Potter has shared the stage with top international & local acts like Derrick May, Galaxian, Second Storey, Danny Daze, Apparat, Red Shape, Wata Igarashi, Nathan Jonson, Architectural, Cassegrain, Nikita Zabelin, Agents Of Time. 

He also runs a monthly radio show ‘Fringe Harmonics’ on Delhi based station

About Saral

Saral, for more than anything else, plays for the medley of emotions that music inspires, the stories beautifully concealed in each tune. He absolutely loves the way music plays with his mind, the way a beat can make him smile or a beautiful transition can make him jump with joy. And this is reflected in the sets he plays. Each time he plays a set, he is looking to fly and his listeners, without disappointment, tend to find themselves transcending near the clouds he’s scaling.

Apart from being the “Resident DJ at Cirrus (Goa), some of the other venues he has performed are Bardo (Goa), Boveda, The Den, Hoppipola, Auriga, Li Bai, The Daily, Kitty Su, Shiro, Tilt All Day, Ren, Arola, Summer House Cafe, Olive’s (Goregaon), Ark (Courtyard Marriott), Arola & Poolside (JW Marriott), Long & Short (Intercontinental Marine Drive), Veda Lounge (Kolkata), High Spirits Cookout (Pune), The Lost Party 2016, +more.

Date: Thursday, 20th June 2019  
Time: 10 pm Onward
Entry: Free
Contact: 075063 94243 
Venue: Khar Social, Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, Ram Krishna Nagar, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

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Khar Social