Mandira Bedi Launches Her Memoir 'Happy For No Reason'

Published by Penguin Random House, the book 'Happy For No Reason' was launched at Crossword Bookstores in Juhu on Wednesday, February 19.

Mandira Bedi Launches Her Memoir 'Happy For No Reason'

Actor Mandira Bedi released her memoir titled 'Happy For No Reason' at Crossword Bookstores in Juhu on Wednesday, February 19. Published by Penguin Random House, the book is co-written by musician and producer Satyadev Barman. The book launch was attended by Mouni Roy and Anandita Bose. 

Talking about her book, Mandira Bedi said, "With utmost gratitude, I look at my life that has taken the most blessed and divine turns these last 25 years in entertainment. Each passing year, it has been getting and feeling better than the year gone by. I have lived life, going with the flow and that has brought me to the only goal I ever hoped to get to – being happy from within. 'Happy for no Reason' is an attitude and an intent I put out, to wake up with every day of my life."

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Mandira Bedi is an actor and a fitness icon, but behind the six-pack is also a snotty, complaining, can't-get-out-of-bed-today girl who, in her own way, is still searching for true happiness. Not conditional, materialistic, transactional happiness, but just happiness. So has she cracked it yet? Mandira says 'No'. But she genuinely believes that she's headed in the right direction. In her own chaotic way, she seems to have discovered some kind of non-scientific, non-spiritual and as-yet-non-existent formula for finding peace in everything. Just being happy-for no reason. This book is just exactly about that.

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A multifaceted personality, Mandira writes about her experiences in parenting, keeping fit and striking a balance, in the process busting myths while divulging her mantra in dealing with these aspects. As a fitness icon, Mandira writes about the need for body positivity, encouraging people to relinquish their struggle for third-party validation and adopting a healthy regime for their own benefit. She candidly shares with her readers the tricks that have helped her retain her health and exuberance in the chaotic, mentally and physically gruelling schedules she has had to keep as a working professional. Besides, she discusses in detail the secrets that have helped her find a sustainable work-life balance and physical and mental well-being.

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