IKEA Will Open Two Small-Format Stores in Mumbai

IKEA Will Open Two Small-Format Stores in Mumbai

IKEA has announced that it will launch its small-format stores in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai in 2021. The company is slated to open one store in Navi Mumbai soon and will subsequently bring two small format stores to Mumbai. The company cited strong demand for home furniture as a key motivator for this move. 

“We look forward to a strong and positive FY 2021 with our new IKEA store and also smaller formats coming up in Mumbai and continue establishing a strong omnichannel presence in our markets. 2021 is also the year of sustainability for IKEA and we will continue to enable and inspire more people to live a more sustainable life at home," CEO and CSO of IKEA India, Peter Betzel said in a statement.

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The demand for home furniture comes at a time when a large portion of the population are staying indoors as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, offering a renewed interest in home decor. 

IKEA is a Swedish-origin company that is currently headquartered in the Netherlands. It is one of the largest furniture retailers in the world, though its arrival in India has been somewhat slow.

IKEA currently has one store in Hyderabad, while the company also offers online sales for residents of Pune and Mumbai. Shoppers in Hyderabad can also get furnishing consultancy from the company.

“During the year, over 2 million customers visited our Hyderabad store and over 25 million people visited us online. As more people have been forced to stay home, the interest in home furnishing has increased and online shopping grew significantly,” Betzel said.   

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