Individuals who should consider investing in a fixed deposit

Individuals who should consider investing in a fixed deposit

A substantial amount of money invested in the form of an FD over a significant tenor can yield a sizable maturity amount. This can help you align your financial planning and adjust your financial goals according to the expected interest payouts. You can reap the benefit of steady capital appreciation and enjoy the advantages of a safe investment tool with fixed deposits.

Here’s a low down on the 4 kinds of individuals, who must consider investing in a fixed deposit. 

Risk-averse investors

According to the latest SEBI Investor Survey, 95% of Indian households use fixed deposits as an investment instrument. Since FDs are not linked to market movements, you get fixed interest rates and thereby yield estimable returns.

Those seeking portfolio diversification

Diversifying your portfolio reduces the overall dangers involved in investing finances. Having a mix of equity funds and debt instruments like debentures and stable fixed deposits allows you to reap lucrative results while the market is favourable.

Senior citizens

A senior citizens FD allows you to fortify your retirement corpus while also receiving frequent interest payouts to cover regular expenses like groceries and medical bills.


Beginners to investments

Fixed deposits allow beginners to understand the ins and outs about saving money and battling inflation while keeping their finances safe from harm.

Having seen the benefits that an FD brings to you, make sure you choose the right issuer to earn lucrative returns at maturity.

Here's why Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit is an ideal choice for investors:

Attractive Interest Rates

Bajaj Finance FD offers attractive FD interest rates up to 6.50%, with an additional 0.10% benefit for investing online. Additionally, senior citizens can enjoy the benefits of interest rates that touch 6.75%.

The table given below is an example to show how senior citizens can grow their savings by investing in a Bajaj Finance FD for different tenors.

Principal Amount


Returns on investment

Interest Payout

Maturity Amount 

Rs. 20,00,000

36 months


Rs. 4,32,953

Rs. 24,32,953

Rs. 40,00,000

48 months


Rs. 11,94,354

Rs. 51,94,354

Rs. 60,00,000

60 months


Rs. 23,17,459

Rs. 83,17,459


As a senior citizen, if you invest your life savings of, for instance, Rs. 60,00,000 for just 5 years, you stand to gain as much as Rs. 23,17,459 at the end of your tenor. You can also choose to get payouts on a periodic basis, if you’re looking for an investment option that helps you meet your recurring expenses.

Easy loan and withdrawal

Investors can avail of an easy loan against FD that goes up to 75% of the value of your FD. Additionally, there is a provision for withdrawing money prematurely before the tenor of your FD matures, in order to meet your immediate financial needs.

Safety of investment

Bajaj Finance FD has been accredited by CRISIL’s FAAA rating and ICRA’s MAAA rating, both indicative of the highest safety standards for your capital. These markers are strong indicators of the safety of your deposit and hold great value in the investor market.

After careful consideration of the above-mentioned factors, it is safe to say that Bajaj Finance online FD offers tremendous value to the investors, while also guaranteeing their money’s safety. You can attract the benefits of lucrative interest rates, periodic payout options, special benefits for senior citizens, and enjoy the guaranteed safety of your deposit. Avoid long wait times, tedious documentation and trips to your closest bank. Open a Bajaj Finance online FD today, and reap the benefits of early planning and adequate savings.

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