A part of slab falls at NM Joshi Marg’s BDD Chawl; residents escape unhurt

The incident took place on Thursday evening around 5:00 pm in building no. 12 at NM Joshi Marg’s BDD Chawl


Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) has begun the redevelopment of BDD Chawl situated at NM Joshi Marg, Naigaon and Worli and have kept the transit camps ready for the residents but they are not ready to move in. However, residents are fearing that their decision might cost them their lives.

On Thursday evening, around 5:00 pm, ground floor slab of building no. 12 fell at NM Joshi Marg. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident.

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More than 400 residents, residing at NM Joshi Marg’s BDD Chawl have qualified for redevelopment and transit camps are ready as well. But, residents are not ready to move out of BDD Chawl, informed one of the MHADA officials.

BDD Chawl Redevelopment Coordination Committee President Krishnakant Nalge told Mumbai Live that he is ready to shift to a transit camp. He said that considering Thursday evening's incident, MHADA should shift the residents as soon as possible.

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