BMC Budget 2019 Summary: Civic body focuses majorly on education, infrastructure development

BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta presented his fourth budget for the financial year 2019-20 and allocated ₹30,692.59 crore for the same

BMC Budget 2019 Summary: Civic body focuses majorly on education, infrastructure development

Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta on Monday presented the fiscal budget of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for the financial year 2019-20. The budget allocated for one of the richest municipalities across Asia, BMC, is ₹30,692.59 crore. 

For 2019-20, the fiscal budget of the civic body has been increased by 12.60 per cent. Last year, the budget was ₹27,258 crore. BMC also levy charges to various corporation facilities. BMC budget focused more on allocating funds for the infrastructure and education sector. 


Additional Commissioner Abasaheb Jarhad presented the education budget for the year 2019-20 and allocated ₹2733.77 crore for the same in the fiscal budget.  

BMC plans to initiate a 'Direct Benefit Transfer' (DBT) scheme. This scheme introduced by the civic body will provide the students uniform, shoes, school bags, and other necessary items. Along with this, the BMC will focus on the development of e-library, Mini Science Centres, Music, Art, and Sports Education.

For the year 2018-19, ₹2,569 crore was allocated for the education sector in the budget. BMC has collaborated with Maharashtra International Education Board to build modern schools in the coming future. Moreover, BMC made provision worth ₹2.60 crore for international schools. BMC also promotes Public Private Partnership (PPP) for constructing new schools.  

In its budget for the financial year 2019-20, BMC will create seven sports academy centres in which the civic school students will be trained in nine kinds of sports and games including football, boxing, judo, wrestling, etc. BMC-run school students will be taken to the Penguin centre in Byculla Zoo for Penguin Darshan during their field trip. 

In its new initiative, Mumbai's civic body has decided to start 'Tinker Labs' for the students from 5th to 8th grade. BMC will promote learning through 3D Models of any objects through the Tinker Labs. Currently, there are 208 computer labs in BMC-run schools.   

The civic body will also construct a language laboratory to develop the language skills of the students. BMC has allocated ₹1.30 crore for the same. The civic body will appoint counsellors for imparting life skills and initiating talks about mental health in municipal schools under the private-public partnership (PPP).


BEST administration was proposed with ₹34 crore from the fiscal budget. For the employees and residences of BEST, ₹10 crore has have been allocated.


This year, the BMC focused majorly on allocating funds for infrastructure projects which are already under construction. The civic body proposed ₹3323.64 crore for the implementation of development plan 2034. Moreover, Mumbai Coastal Road project has been allocated a budget of ₹1,600.07 crore. 

For Goregaon-Mulund Link Road (GMLR), budgetary allocation is ₹100 crore. The construction of 14-km GMLR required about ₹4000 crore. Last year, the civic body had made ₹100 crore allocation for the same. 

The civic body provided ₹100 crore for the waste-to-energy project in Deonar. This project will help generate electricity from waste. ₹11,480 crore has been allocated for Capital Expenditure while ₹110 crore for expansion of Byculla Zoo.

The civic body allocated ₹50 crore for installing LED lights across the city. Moreover, BMC allocated ₹43 crore for closing dumping ground in Mulund. With ₹201 crore proposed for the Fire Brigade to utilise for the equipment, the civic body allotted ₹120 crore for constructing the 36-km bicycle track from Tansa pipeline. Also, ₹3 crore has been proposed for BMC parking. In total, the fire department has been granted with ₹495 crore.

BMC granted ₹2,888 crore for the utilisation of Solid Waste Management Department while proposing ₹1,302 crore for Storm Water Department. The civic body allocated ₹489 crore for sewage disposal project. Moreover, for repairing roads via 'Cold Mix' production, the BMC proposed ₹15.86 crore in the budget. BMC has also decided to improve 370 Km of the road. 

BMC allocated ₹108 crore to reconstruct bridges in Mumbai. BMC is expecting to spend 86 per cent of last year's ₹27,258 crore budget by March 31. Of the 225 flooding spots identified last year, 60 chronic flooding spots are left to be repaired in 2019. The civic body has also focused on the beautification of Mumbai's rivers - Mithi River beautification has been granted ₹115 crore while Dahisar, Poiser, Oshiwara rivers' rejuvenation were allocated ₹5.20 crore. 

Earlier, Maharashtra government allocated ₹100 crore for the construction of Bal Thackeray memorial. Despite that, BMC proposed ₹5 crore for the memorial dedicated to the late Shiv Sena supremo.  BMC allocated ₹1 crore for Mayor's new residence which will be in Shivaji Park. 


The civic body has dedicated 13 per cent of the total budget for the health sector. It will also repair hospitals and provide facilities in the BMC-run hospital. BMC's Public Health department budget amounts to ₹4151.14 crore. 

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