There's enough water in lakes for the next 12 months: BMC assures Mumbaikars

While the city has been drenched with heavy rainfall recently, the seven lakes supplying water to Mumbai have enough in store for the next 12 months


Mumbai Rains haven't been pleasant for the citizens since the last few days but the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) recently made an announcement that is set to lighten up Mumbaikars' mood amidst the gloomy weather. The civic body recently said that the seven lakes and reservoirs supplying drinking water to Mumbai are almost full and the storage is the highest in the last three years.

As compared to 1,218,692 million litres (ml) (84 per cent) in 2018 and 1,255,992 ml (87 per cent) in 2017, the lakes have 1,301,984 ml water (90 per cent) available this year. The storage now only lacks 10 per cent of the capacity of the lakes - 1,447,363 ml but the officials are certain that this would be covered in the remaining period of the monsoon.

A Water Department affirmatively said that the supply can last comfortably till September 2020 without any cuts, if the water is used tenaciously.

Last year, the municipal corporation had imposed a 10 per cent water supply cut November onwards after the city did not receive enough rainfall. However, the rainfall this year seems to be enough to quench the needs of the citizens and thus, the cut was withdrawn in mid-July this year.

Meanwhile, an alert had been issued yesterday for Mumbai and neighbouring areas as heavy rains had been forecasted over the region for the upcoming 36 hours.

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