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The 'DeMon’ that left us scared and scarred…

...and just to clarify, we aren't talking about people or a specific person alive, dead or ruling the nation. Any resemblance based on your assumptions would be purely coincidental.

The 'DeMon’ that left us scared and scarred…

Ever heard of the country, being frightened as though an epidemic or a natural calamity has hit their existence without alarming the people who live there? I'm sure you have seen as a part of fictional films, and if you think a bit and stress your memory back in time, you shall recollect one of India's most memorable day - November 8, 2016.

The clock struck eight that night and the nation was, unlike every other day, watching their elected superhero, casting his spell through his speech, supposedly blessing the nation, with his one powerful word 'mitron’ and precisely few minutes later, almost every ATM centre in the nation saw huge queues waiting to withdraw money as though the mister prime minister had distributed a jackpot and deposited amount in the bank accounts of every citizen.

Stress a bit more on those thoughts, and you shall also recollect the promises made the very same day, say many Indians today, who are thoroughly disappointed with the move, for they have been left scarred for a year now. Many till date do not know what the move was actually intended for, as they do not see a difference in their lives for the better.

The number and colour changing denominations proposed by the magician was ‘expected’ to bring the black money back to our country's kitty, but sadly, it did the otherwise, by taking away something more precious than the currency, leaving many commoners living a hard earned life, not being able to reap the benefits.

This leaves us the with a question of what the actual agenda was, and how far are we towards achieving it. Did almost everyone in the nation, soak themselves in the sun, only to make sure the current ruling party made a mark on every new currency note printed, so as to stay in the system forever, even if it is virtually only through a printed memory? Or are their promises nothing but a mirage?

As we question today, a year we all lived through a 'black’ day, we yet again have been disappointed as the governance fails to provide answers to the question we raised then. But, to their defence, Modi and his mavericks have put forward strong statements which they believe show a change and difference for the good, sadly visible only to some of those 'blessed’ eyes.

Reports released by RBI, has stated that around 99% of the cash has been received and circulated, calling this a successful move. Many party members, as expected, only have celebrated the success blindly, as ordered by their higher officials. Further, finance minister Arun Jaitley has also clarified by adding that Modi’s move has only made the country digitally stronger, and helped millions and many companies follow the strict regulations regarding taxes, accounting to a better response rate this year in IT returns.

Considering that the above mentioned statements have shown a difference in the system, many vital thoughts still remains in our minds with a big question mark.

Do all these changes to the system, for the system, make a difference to a commoner?

  • Is the nation residing deep inside the country, really opting digital payment system? Let alone the interiors, are we today confident in using digital payments to reduce our hassle?
  • Where is the promised black money? How much money is being stacked by our fellow citizens in foreign banks? How many do have transactions abroad?
  • It is clear that many political moves in the country are nothing but games to provoke the opposition, but does a common man have to suffer, despite paying taxes and living a respectable, honest life?

Seldom does a habit change and with passing time and our busy lives, this move and effort made by us citizen shall be forgotten just like other efforts, for we strive and work hard to feed ourselves and our loved ones.

And, for those in the government, the game repeats, for they will smile again only by repeating the thought - 'this too shall pass.’

Bitter truth!

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