21-year-old IIT-Bombay student found dead in a Jogeshwari hotel

The 21-year-old has been identified as Jaydeep Swain, who is a first-year M.Tech student of IIT-Bombay. Although, police suspect that the victim was suffering from depression and died due to an overdose, the actual cause will be clear after the post-mortem comes out.


In what seems to be a possible overdose of depression tablets, an IIT-Bombay student was found dead by the police after they retrieved his decomposed dead body from Jogeshwari's Treebo hotel on Monday. As per the reports, the 21-year-old had checked into the hotel on August 31. The police learned about the dead body after the hotel’s cleaning staff complained of foul odour coming from the hotel room booked by the student.

After which, the Amboli police rushed to the spot and broke the door where they recovered the dead body of the first year M.Tech student of IIT-B, Jaydeep Swain. Police officials have stated that Swain was suffering from depression.

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The investigating officer said that there were no external injuries on Swain’s body and a number of tablets were found next to the body, which have been identified as depression tablets. He added that the primary investigation shows that the student’s death might have happened due to a drug overdose but they’ll wait for the post-mortem report. 

When the police found Jaydeep Swain, he was lying on the bed in a condition that his face had swollen and was beyond recognition. Beside his dead body, the police recovered a laptop along with a cellphone. The police have informed his family and his sister and parents who live in Durg, Chhattisgarh, and they would be soon reaching Mumbai where the police will continue their investigation by talking to his family members. 

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As per hotel staff, Swain had arrived alone and checked in on August 31 and paid ₹4,500 for three days with a credit card. The staff also stated that he had submitted his Aadhaar Card as ID proof.

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