‘Singham’ again in action against drug peddlers

‘Singham’ again in action against drug peddlers

Andheri- IPS Shivdeep Lande has appointed as the new DCP of the Narcotics Control Bureau, to curb the drug peddlers and their activities in the city.
Just stepping in the city, Lande has started his operations against the drug peddlers in the city.
On Sunday, a party official of the National Congress Party with his partner arrested, in connection of the drug supplying.
Accused Sunil Dhutiya and Vicky Nadar were arrested and drugs valued at Rs 30 lakh were seized from them. Sunil Dhutiya is party official of NCP party and he runs a courier business in Andheri.
NCB got a tipoff of drugs peddling in Infinity mall after which NCP planned and trapped the drug peddlers. An SUV vehicle was parked outside the mall on questioning the driver and the co-passenger; they were feared to suspect this NCP checked their car. From the car, NCB seized MD drugs in large quantity. The accused were arrested and presented in court and they were sent to Police custody till 17th February.


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