Family income limit for admission in minority student hostels increased to INR 8 lakh

As per reports, the decision was taken by the concerned department to encourage students from pursuing higher education. This revised decision will help students seeking admission in 2022-23.

Family income limit for admission in minority student hostels increased to INR 8 lakh

State Minister for Minority Development, Nawab Malikin the last week of May 2021, informed that the Government of Maharashtra has decided to increase the annual income limit criteria for free admission of students from minority groups, at hostels across Maharashtra. As per the revised guidelines, the same will be allowed for Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jain, Sikh, Parsi and Jewish students with a family income of INR 8 lakh. 

Sharing more information with the Free Press Journal, he said that the room rent, water bill, electricity bill etc. and other facilities provided to these students in the hostel would also be waived off.

Earlier, the eligibility for free admission to the hostel was decided as INR 2.5 lakh, however, the revised guidelines and increased limit will help several students across the state, especially those from villages and small towns who wish to pursue education.To strengthen the same, the department has issued a ruling in this regard. 

The Department of Minority Affairs currently runs 23 hostels for girls across Maharashtra and besides this, a few children's hostels have also been opened. Information about these hostels is available on the official website of the department

Report state the decision will benefit students who will seek admission in the next academic year, i.e. 2022-23.

Moreover, officials have been asked to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines once the institutions reopen for the academic year. The decision behind implementing the same in Maharashtra was to ensure students from the minority community also focus on pursuing higher education.

Meanwhile, separate hostels for girls have been set up in a few cities to encourage them to pursue and continue education. Currently, Maharashtra has a minimum of one hostel in every district. 

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