Story of martyred soldier’s wife Swati Mahadik makes way to Std X Marathi textbook

After 11 months of gruelling training, 38-year-old Swati joined the army as an officer


SSC students will get to read an inspirational story of martyred Colonel Santosh Mahadik’s wife — Swati Mahadik — grit and courage, in their Marathi textbooks from the upcoming academic year. 

Three years ago, Colonel Santosh Mahadik was martyred in Jammu Kashmir in a fierce gun battle with terrorists.

After 11 months of gruelling training, 38-year-old Swati — mother of two — joined the army as an officer and was commissioned to the Army in the rank of a Lieutenant. She was then posted with the Army Ordnance Corps in Pune.

This is indeed a proud moment for Maharashtra and Satara, which was Santosh Mahadik's hometown.

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When soldier Santosh Mahadik died fighting terrorists, his wife Swati Mahadik did not spend days crying, instead, she took a pledge to complete her husband’s dream and joined the army with a smiling face. This very story of Swati Mahadik is included in SSC’s Marathi textbook.

In November 2015, Martyred Colonel Mahadik, a recipient of the Sena Medal for gallantry, was killed in an anti-terror operation in Kupwara in North Kashmir.

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