Vidyarthi Bharti protest against SNDT

Vidyarthi Bharti protest against SNDT

Churchgate-In the wake of rising molestation cases, SNDT University had a bout of molar policing and issued a diktat on clothing which did not go well with students.

They ordered female students to avoid wearing half pants or expose, as it instigates rapes and sexual assault.
Volunteers of Vidyarthi Bharti led a protest at SNDT University amidst tight police security. 
This protest was done wearing half pants while shouting slogans against the management.

“We don’t support college’s decision of banning half pants and so we carried out the protest. This is like following the talibani rule,” said Smita Salunkhe, volunteer, Vidyarthi Bharti. She added that if SNDT does not rethink about their decision, then they will continue with the fight.