Mumbai To Experience Light Showers over next few days: Skymet

Rainfall is estimated to decrease across the city while the temperature is expected to increase.

Mumbai To Experience Light Showers over next few days: Skymet

Mumbai and its neighbouring areas have been experiencing a good amount of rainfall over the past four to five days. In the first week itself, the city has surpassed its monthly average of 493.1 mm according to the data shared by Skymet. The Observatory Center of Santacruz, has recorded 589 mm rain until now. Although there were light rain showers on Monday, the city and its suburban areas saw a sudden spike in the rainfall intensity on Tuesday. Both the observatories of Mumbai, Santacruz and Colaba, recorded 58 mm rain each.

Weather forecasting body Skymet further states that "The well-marked low-pressure area over the Saurashtra region of Gujarat is moving away westward. Mumbai and northern districts of Maharashtra coast were in its outer peripheral strong winds during this time. It was observed that the strong south westerly winds increased moisture and offshore extending from south Gujarat to north Kerala, which aided in the enhancement of rain activities".

It goes on to add, "the well-marked low is moving away and the wind speed is decreasing according to the forecasting body. Hence, heavy downpour over Mumbai and its suburbs in the coming days is not expected. It is also been estimated that the rain activities will decrease and the temperature will increase. This could lead to sultry weather with on and off rain activities across the city".

During this time, as per the forecast from Skymet, isolated short intense spells of rainfall cannot be ruled out, but the rain showers will not lead to flooding or waterlogging in the city. It is expected that the rain activity for Mumbai and nearby places will increase by July 11, but not drastically. The weather is also said to remain comfortable and cloudy for the next week.



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