Drinx Exchange - India's First Bar with Interactive Smart Tables

Drinx Exchange - India's First Bar with Interactive Smart Tables

India’s first ever new-age interactive tech bar - Drinx Exchange launched this December!

Equipped with the most unique and exciting concepts, including the never-before-experienced VR technology, the bar aims to ease the experience of ordering, and make it less stressful and more exciting for its millennial customers. The founders Rahul Dhingra & Dibyendu Bindal have not only brought their IT expertise to the fore but have combined it with their 20-year-old experience in the F&B sector to revolutionise the bar game. The aim is to go big – and with an outlet opening in Pune within a span of days right after the launch of Andheri East and Belapur CBD DRINX Exchange, and ambition of 20 more outlets planned across India in 2019.

Drinx Exchange has introduced India to its first ever electronic tech tables, where customers can interact with an electronic screen on their table itself. From watching live scores of sports, receiving personalised offers, tracking your orders, paying your bill, to even singing along with the music in the bar because the lyrics are flashing right in front of your eyes – it’s all a mere click away. That’s not all! You will also receive offers that are just right for what you drink.  

The electronic table will provide one with the much-needed service of splitting the bill among the friends with ease and to make life, even more, easier, one can settle the payment on the table itself by scanning the Paytm QR Code on the screen. Furthermore, the prices of drinks itself will work on the popular stock exchange format. However, the experience itself is all set to be taken a notch higher, as you could just vote to crash the market price. Garner enough votes for your favourite drink, and prices can go down by as much as 50%!

For the times you are too drunk or just too bored to constantly check the status of the cab, the table will tell you how far your Uber is. All you have to do is book it from the Drinx Exchange app. 

In addition to its revolutionary interactive drinking experience, the bar’s food is delectable and the cocktails will have you raving. Apart from an array of finger-licking fare like the Old Monk Chicken Wings, Hummus Platters and Mini-colored Tacos, the bar will serve you snazzy cocktails like The Ultimate Bulldog (blend of vodka, white rum, gin with juices and beer), The Beer-o-Holic (tequila infused orange juice topped with beer) and Enlightened Bulb, all of which will brighten up your mood in a jiffy.  

The venue boasts of a gorgeous 25 feet wall garden, a stunning night sky ceiling, an open area of the bar – each meticulously designed to keep the conversations and the energies absolutely fluid and free-flowing. One can also expect quirky animations as a part of the virtual reality experience, while there’s a selfie point for the Instagram and Snapchat loving millennials, that allows you to take the finest solo or group pictures with the perfect lighting and backdrop.

And finally, for the wordsmiths, there’s a scrabble wall too – but considering you’ll have a terrific drinking experience. Well, one wouldn’t expect you to spell anything correctly after all!  

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