Food Review: China Bistro's Bao and Dim sum Festival is highly satisfying

Specially curated by the chefs, this festival focuses on treating you with an interesting and a different menu comprising of a variety of dim sum and bao!


Everybody loves Dim Sum!

This bite-sized delicacy which in literal term means ‘a light touch on the heart’ is on the favourite list of many, and one can never dislike them. In fact, there can never be enough of Dim Sum.

With an aim to treat the fans, Mumbai’s China Bistro organizes the ‘Dim Sum Bao Bun Festival,’ calling it the ultimate Pan Asian adventure. The team of chefs at the popular restaurant promise to offer a mouthwatering combination of traditional Pan Asian Cuisine with a modern touch, the flavours and combination of which will be very subtle and precise.

Inspired by the cuisine and offerings from his travel across the world, the chef at China Bistro is all keen to serve Dim Sum with a twist, which includes varieties like Lamb, Duck, Chicken, and Fish for all non-vegetarian and healthier options like broccoli tofu, almond dim sum and others.

Talking about serving a new variety in the menu, Harihar Biswal, Chef De Cuisine, China Bistro, said, “There are varieties in Lamb, Duck, Chicken, and Fish for all non-vegetarian dim sum bao lovers and there are also healthier options like Broccoli tofu and almond dim sum and going away from the conventional, we are trying to give a unique and unparalleled experience to dim sum lovers.”

Being a vegetarian I chose the taste everything from the vegetarian offerings, but in taster portions. First on the table were Broccoli-Cheese-Wasabi Bao and Soya mock meat-hunan bao. The first was my favourite from the entire menu. It was soft with Cheese stuffed in the Bao made with Broccoli and Wasabi, and it was full of flavour.

Edamame Dim sum and Broccoli Tofu with Almond Dim sum followed next. Both have a distinctive taste and a good texture. But my favourite from the Dimsum menu was treasure mushroom with truffle dim sum. Packed with different types of mushroom, this offering was very different from what I had tasted before and left an aftertaste which one would love.

Non-vegetarians can treat themselves with eight options, which include fish chilli basil bao, chicken rice bowl sizzler, prawns edamame dim sum, prawns Singapore dim sum, pan-fried lamb with charsui dim sum, chicken char siu bao, duck hoisin chilli bao, lamb teriyaki bao.