Mumbai-based Fruzzanté launches new fruit variants of its cider style alcoholic beverage

Fruzzanté owned by Nagesh Pai and his wife Priyanka Save is unique because all the fruits used in the beverage are sourced directly from the farmers to maintain quality. By doing so, they strive to promote native growers and their produce

Mumbai-based Fruzzanté launches new fruit variants of its cider style alcoholic beverage

Ciders are probably the underrated heroes of beverages. Why is that so, you ask? Well, because they are the simplest forms of alcohol, made of fermented apple juice, manufactured by fermenting the natural sugars/fructose present in a fruit. Due to this, the alcohol percentage of a cider is around 5-6 per cent which is considerably lower than the other alcoholic beverages. However, despite the low alcohol content, ciders are popular in the west. 

In order to make ciders more appealing, Mumbai based fruit beverage company, Fruzzanté has released two new variants in its vegan beverage range made cider style. Instead of apples, Fruzzanté has fermented Chikoo and Pineapple to create an impressive new range of cider style beverages which are all gluten-free alternatives.

Being the world’s first winery ever to manufacture a cider style alcoholic beverage from Chikoo, Fruzzanté has made it difficult to resist the temptation to taste all these new variants. Further, it has also won a Silver Medal at “Drink Outside the Grape” challenge 2017 held in the USA, where they competed with 145 wines and ciders of the world and emerged as one of the best beverages.

A brainchild of Nagesh Pai and his wife Priyanka Save, Fruzzanté started in 2010 when the fruit from their family orchards was losing lustre among the growers. Unlike other fruits, Chikoo was just a table fruit and was not available in any processed or packaged form due to its highly perishable nature. Being from a challenging Mechanical Engineering background, this dynamic duo was already accustomed to winning against all odds when they founded this fruit-based commercial winery in the picturesque hills on the outskirts of Bordi near Dahanu.

The first flagship product was introduced In 2017 and since then, Fruzzanté has consistently mesmerized everyone with its bubbling fresh and fruity cider style drink. The new fruit variants of the brand are available in select outlets of Mumbai and Pune.

Chikoo had gone through severe altercations in the late 90’s in addition to its property of quick oxidation and fermentation. Witnessing these changes, the two founders of Fruzzanté devised a notion to manufacture an alcoholic beverage from Chikoo which would overcome shelf life issues of the fruit. This idea added an unprecedented glamour to both the alco-beverage and fruit industries. As interesting as it sounds, the idea wasn’t that easy to implement and hence, the duo reached out to a renowned Canadian wine-maker, Dominic Rivard.

The rest is a glorious history and we have scrumptious fruit variants like Chikoo, Spice Garden (Cinnamon, Ginger, and Honey with Chikoo) and Pineapple bottled as Fruzzanté waiting to be explored. If you’re looking for an additional adventure, you can visit the boutique winery of Fruzzanté in Hill Zill Winery Resort for an elaborate winery tour throughout the year.

A special edition which makes Fruzzanté stands out is its will to help the local Warli tribe through manufacturing some unique wines. The company regularly donates some percentage of profits earned through the sale of its Starfruit Jiwa sparkling white wine. So, if you’re thinking about trying this wine out, then you’d be proud to know that your contribution has helped a native tribe as well.

Another thing that makes Fruzzanté unique is that all its fruits are sourced directly from the farmers to maintain quality. The company also mentions where the fruit comes from, to highlight the quality of fruit grown in the area. By doing this, Fruzzanté promotes the native growers and wants to help them through its out-of-the-box cider variants.