Maharashtra: Night Curfew In December 2020 Affected Liquor Sales

Maharashtra: Night Curfew In December 2020 Affected Liquor Sales

Data from the Maharashtra Excise Department has shown that liquor consumption in December 2020 saw a significant decrease as compared to the same period the previous year. The consumption of liquor in December 2020 reportedly fell to 38 lakh litres as compared to 41 lakh litres in December 2019. 

Experts say that the night curfew imposed by the Maharashtra government last month has led to a decline in sales. As per the rules put forth by the government, establishments were ordered to be shut by 11 PM. December has historically been a profitable month for the liquor industry, though the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus has understandably led to a decline in consumption and sales.

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The state imposed a night curfew between December 22 and January 5 following concern over the outbreak of a mutated variant of COVID-19 from the United Kingdom. Although flights were banned until the first week of January, the Union Government soon resumed flight operations from the UK.  

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Beer was reportedly the worst-affected alcoholic beverage which witnessed sales of 50 lakh litres in December 2020 as compared to 70 lakh litres during the same period in 2019. State excise commissioner Kantilal Umap said - “The decrease in the consumption in Mumbai was due to the night curfew. In case of beer, people are still not drinking it as a precautionary measure as they want to avoid chilled drinks, due to the pandemic.”

The impact of the night curfew was also felt by the hotel and hospitality industry, with many saying this didn’t come as a surprise. “People tend to celebrate throughout the night, but since all celebrations were cancelled, it directly affected the intake of alcohol,” said a hotelier.  He went on to say that patrons have switched to wine and hard liquors at room temperature owing to concerns about chilled beverages like beer.

One estimate suggests that hotels and restaurants have incurred losses nearing ₹150 crores due to the restrictions put in place for New Year’s celebrations on December 31, 2020. 

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