Ranveer Brar's app is all set to solve all your cooking challenges

Simplifying the desi and the traditional dishes, adding an innovative flavour, the RB app can simplify your daily kitchen plans. You can also sync it with your Alexa.

Ranveer Brar's app is all set to solve all your cooking challenges

Food and culture go hand in hand when it comes to regional cuisines and all that India stands for is the diverse variety of dishes prevalent across the country. The ideologies of the new-age chefs across the globe are much about adopting these locally appreciated dishes from around the world, adding some innovation to the quaint style and creating something new and marvelous. 

One such chef who stands for the regional food experiences, adding a new thrill to the mundane cooking style is Chef Ranveer Brar. Having spent over 2 decades in the culinary industry as Food Sufi, Restaurateur and Author, has finally come up with a food application in association with Hungama. The App, named after Chef, is summarised chronicles of Chef’s travels and discoveries across the globe giving users an insight into his experiences and creations via recipes. It can be easily said that the app is basically a convergence of 20+ years of Chef Ranveer’s culinary career at your fingertips.

Giving a little insight about the his app, Ranveer said, “The RB app, essentially, is a lot of things put into one. It’s basically about places I have travelled to; people I have met; food I’ve cooked; food I’ve eaten; food I recommend; food that keeps you healthy; and my mantra for staying healthy. It’s interfaced with Alexa - You know what to do when you’re lying on the bed and wondering what you want to cook that day. You can just ask alexa, ‘Hey, Alexa. Open Ranveer Brar cooking.’ You can start it from right there or from your mobile phone.”

Keeping apace with food trends, recipes and thrilling journeys across India discovering flavors and cultures, this application serves as a one-stop shop for all your culinary needs with over a thousand recipes to suit your preferences and needs. Great for a variety of diets and quick recipes, the app gives a step-by-step breakdown of each technique and measures of ingredients. Nicknamed #24X7 Ranveer, this is one of the best ways to keep tabs on our most-loved Chef, virtually.

Talking about his aforementioned inclination towards regional food, he added, “I stand for regional food. I stand for everything that’s Indian - our ingredients, our cuisines, our culture and how it all comes together. It has been my subject of study, observation and conversation for over 7 years now. And it will continue to be so. We have the strength of history, the strength of character and the strength of cuisine to be able to deliver the most varied, amazing and the most healthy food in the world.” 

When asked about his favourite Indian cuisine, he showed much interest in food from Kerala. He spoke about how Kerala food can be sliced in various ways between communities, topography and geography. I think you can slice Kerala food in so many ways. It’s just amazing what variety a small state can have.

Hosting a lunch on March 15, Ranveer presented some really interesting dishes inspired from a very desi style, tweaking it with some innovation. Redefining traditional is what all these dishes on his app are all about. 

Innovative recipes on the app

Tamater Chaat

Coconut Milk Iddiyappam

Nukti Kebab Ulta Tawa Taco (Jackfruit)

Desi Peri Peri (Chicken)

Quinoa Dhokla, Oatmeal Yoghurt and Doodh Saar Shots

Dairy Free Caesar

 RB App Interface

The app’s interface displays a number of features namely the ‘Food Mat’, ‘Recipes’, ‘Search’, ‘Diaries’, ‘About Me’ sections. For someone who prefers a specific cuisine like ‘Regional Food’, ‘Street Food’ or even ‘Homemade Food’, the Food Mat gives you the option to look at recipes from that category. For a diet conscious individual, or someone with allergies, the Food Mat helps you out with dishes across categories like ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Lactose Free’, ‘Nut Free’, and ‘Healthy Food’.

In addition to these, the Food Mat also helps you dive into the world of Chef Ranveer’s distinct (RB) Diet Plan. For folks who aren’t necessarily gym freaks and keen on exercising to manage weight, they can subscribe to the RB diet. Once you do, you’re open to follow the daily nutritional regimen to be fitter without having to work out vigorously.

The Diary section takes you through Chef's culinary journey via almost 100 videos of his travels in which Chef shares his journeys with all the users of the app. So the next time you’re on the lookout for new places to visit, you can take cues from Chef Ranveer’s app and plan your next trip with details of where to go and what to eat from the most reliable source.  

Ranveer Brar's Food Philosophy:

Talking about his idealogies related to food, Ranveer said, "My food philosophy is - Do not take food out of culture."
Elaborating on the same, he added, "If you do not understand culture and if you can’t place food within a culture, then don’t cook yet. You've got to be able to taste food, understand where it is put in the culture and what aspects of the culture reflect in the food. It’s like dance. Why did bhangra not originate in Kerala? Why only Punjab? This is because certain aspects of culture were expressed in that dance form. Similarly, aspects of culture express themselves in food. It is very important to understand the cultural connection to cuisine before you start cooking it in entirety." 

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