Residents given more time to Vacate Kala Ghoda's Esplanade Building by Supreme Court

Out of 136, only 3 tenants agreed to vacate the building. Therefore the SC extended the date whereas the renovation was originally going to start on May 13.

Residents given more time to Vacate Kala Ghoda's Esplanade Building by Supreme Court

Kala Ghoda's Esplanade Mansion which was in dilapidated condition, was going to be vacated and its 136 tenants were going to be rehabilitated. The construction work was going to start by May 13 but as only 3 tenants agreed to vacate, the Supreme court has given the tenants some time to raise a plea in Bombay HC (High Court) by May 30.

The Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA) had issued a notice to the tenants to vacate the building or face forceful eviction. It is also seeking help from Mumbai Police to help them vacate the building. 

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As stated in Mumbai Mirror,  Rajesh Singh, advocate for the residents of Esplanade Mansion said that they have been given a 15-day extension by the Supreme Court today. In 2007, a structural audit had said that the building can be repaired phase wise and MHADA had also given the contract to a certain contractor. They will be raising all these issues before the HC as they were not heard before.

Notably, the 150-year old building, which is also called as Watson's Esplanade Hotel was named after its original owner, John Watson. The building was fabricated in England and constructed on site between 1860 and 1863., With Rowland Mason Ordish being its architect, the building was an epitome of architecture in South Bombay with its external cast-iron frame closely resembling other high-profile 19th century buildings such as London's Crystal Palace. The building which was formerly a hotel has hosted renowned guests like Mark Twain and Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

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