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Fitness enthusiasts Niketa Sharma and Omkar Sapate launch 'Lean Culture' to help one stay #HealthyAtHome

This venture by Mumbai-based sports enthusiasts focuses on leveraging the best nutritional, health and fitness knowledge, to building a community of fit people across the globe and train regularly.

Fitness enthusiasts Niketa Sharma and Omkar Sapate launch 'Lean Culture' to help one stay #HealthyAtHome

People, especially in the metro cities, have adapted to a busy lifestyle. The stress to balance one's personal and professional life takes a toll on people, and often one tends to miss out on relieving the stress and staying fit, both physically and mentally.

However, this year, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, several people learned a lesson and realised that fitness was of utmost importance. Being at home and having those few hours extra hours in hand has helped. Moreover, the realisation of being able to dedicate a few hours a day, in the comfort of one's own space, has proven to be beneficial for the long-term health benefits.

Amidst the pandemic, Mumbai-based fitness trainers and sports nutritionists, Niketa Sharma and Omkar Sapate took the initiative to help people prioritise health. With an aim to achieve one's fitness goals, they launched Lean Culture - a fully customized, at-home fitness and nutrition program for people of all ages, body shapes and sizes. This venture focuses on leveraging the best nutritional, health and fitness knowledge, to building a community of fit people across the globe and train regularly.

Due to a tiring schedule, one tends to face medical issues and frequent weight fluctuations, and though they notice these signs, these are often ignored. Hormonal imbalances, daily schedule and other aspects are not as scheduled, eventually leading to an increase in weight and body mass well within the norms. Furthermore, these aspects add to the stress and soon, notice it or not, it becomes a vicious cycle.

Several millennials and young adults these days are conscious of their weight, overall fitness and health. With the internet taking over a bigger part of our daily schedule, one has understood that fitness cannot be compensated and rather included in the daily schedule, even if it is for few hours a day. 

Sharing her experience, Ankita Sharma, a strong CEO turned fitness enthusiast, said, "I went to the gym as much as I could diligently, and tried out several exercises, including a good mixture of Cardio and Mixed Martial Arts. I started eating in moderation and even practised portion control. But after the COVID-19 pandemic became the sole conversation topic for the year 2020, my confidence plummeted because gyms were a goner. What followed later was a slew of diet routines ranging from keto and intermittent fasting to whatnots. I was far from my ideal body and knew I could do better. All I needed was to find a fool-proof way to work towards becoming a better version of myself, and that’s when I discovered Lean Culture."

"Their primary 6-week program that I opted for is designed to challenge your physical and mental self, thereby increasing your strength and holistic capacity. While other such programs are available a dime a dozen, all those stress on stretching, cardio, and normal workout routines which might be great for weight loss, but also end up leading to muscle loss. To combat this very issue, the Lean Culture’s inimitable routine focuses on building lean body mass structure and losing unnecessary fat while retaining the good aspects," she added.

Niketa and Omkar believe that everybody needs to be treated differently and it is important to understand these aspects before planning the goal. Hence, their entire program is tailored after understanding my health and workout history, basis which one is assigned the category depending on the exercising pattern and schedule. Their workout plans include Bodyweight Exercises, Banded Exercises and Dumbbell, and to the benefit of the customers, the equipment gets delivered at home. The duo maintains the record and tracks the journey by making one work as hard as possible and burn those excess calories to achieve the desired goals.

Besides this, Lean Culture also provides a complete nutrition consultation and a customized plan as well as a recipe book, sample diets, guide and the full grocery list. In the near future, the duo plans to launch personalized training to give one on one attention to everyone along with a 12-week transformation program

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