Picturesque locations in Mumbai perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot

With expert inputs from Monisha Ajgaonkar, founder of 'The Photo Diary', let's have a look at Mumbai as a destination to capture priceless moments, celebrating a couple and their love for each other

Picturesque locations in Mumbai perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot

Weddings are special in every couple's life, and that's a global emotion. Whatever gender, caste, race you belong to, which ever sex you choose to marry, those emotions being captured during a wedding are priceless. As the trends have changed and with solid presence of social media, 'pre wedding photography' has become an important element in a couple's relationship. Those joyous moments, pre wedding excitement, anxiety and the lovable expressions, all are captured at once with picturesque backdrops. 

Monisha Ajgaonkar, Founder of The Photo Diary, talks about Mumbai as a location for pre wedding photoshoots. 

The best part about shooting in Mumbai is that you have been to all these places since childhood. And creating a different story for each and every couple is challenging but also fun and getting that moment and understanding every couple has a different vibe. 

The first location Monisha mentions is the icon of Mumbai - Gateway of India. A popular tourist attraction in Mumbai, has also recently attracted many couples for their wedding shoots. The sheer beauty and presence of it overlooking the Arabian Sea makes it a perfect spot for taking pictures especially wedding shots. 

Moving on to Horniman Circle (Fort), another elegant but special street in South Bombay. Horniman Circle is popular for its British era buildings which are made of stone and supreme architecture. It’s always hustling and bustling with its popular chaiwalas and many street vendors. It’s one location where you can capture some special memories! 

Coming to the Girgaum Chowpatty, Marine Drive stretch, it is probably one spot every Mumbaikar thinks about in terms of a joyful, picturesque location. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mumbai, which attracts a vast number of visitors who come to enjoy the fresh air. Chowpatty beach is located right around Queen's Necklace, which gives an astonishing view of Nariman Point to the south all the way till Malabar Hill. With such a breathtaking view, you are sure to get some lovely wedding photographs.


Carter Road located in the north side of Mumbai runs along the Arabian Sea coast and is a favourite hangout place for locals. It’s one happening road that is buzzing on all days of the week, with its popular restaurants and attractions. The view of the sea and the cool sea breeze automatically makes the environment romantic and refreshing, which is perfect for couples looking to capture romantic sunset pictures as well as heartwarming couple shots.

These are just a few locations in the city, but Mumbai has much more to offer to people in love, and to celebrate love. 

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