Read these tips before you hit the beach this summer!

Read these tips before you hit the beach this summer!

The heat is on and scorching, and it is a holiday time for many too. We all want to escape to that perfect getaway where we can chill and unwind. And the first and the foremost thought for a popular getaway in the summer is any beaches. But before you set off for a dip anywhere, think twice. All that splash under scorching sun can actually damage your skin and hair and may also lead to premature aging. No fret, just follow these simple tips and enjoy being a 'stunning 'beach bum

Pamper your Skin

"The must have in your vanity pouch is sunscreen with SPF 30+. It must be water based preferably in gel form . And don't forget to reapply after every two hours," say dermatologists. There are many products available in the market, but it advisable that avoid direct sun exposure between, as they say - 2PM to 4PM. Further, once back from beach rinse your face with tepid water and clean thoroughly using moist cotton dipped in coconut oil. You can also use cold milk instead, if available,as this soothes the skin. But don't forget to moisturize post this, says the studies.

Make up

It is apparent that any make up you use should be water resistant . Nothing that smudges, other wise you will end up looking not so pleasing and this definitely won't make selfies those could be treasured. Carrying a lip balm is must though. Water base and tinted base are known to give sun kissed glow. Also broad rimmed hats and sunglasses not only enhance your look but protect your face and eyes from scorching sun and abrasive dust.


It's better to cover ones hair and protect from sun, say stylists, but we all love to keep our strands open when we prance around the beach. As much as love to flaunt them, it is better if to moist the hair before you actually get into sea to prevent sand from sticking to them, and preferably use a mild serum. Further, after enjoying at sea, make sure to spray some drinking soda on hair. Grab a mug of beer and add a dash of lime and run it through your hair to hydrate them. It is also said that lemon is a magic fruit that should be in your summer beauty kit as it can be used with water to splash on face to get that refreshingly clean feeling.

Hope these tips help you at the beach, this summer.

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