IndianRaga’s Valentine's Day release is about 'love without conventions'

The song 'O Jaana x Senorita' by Sruthi Dhulipala and Shruthi Iyer is an original Hindi composition to complement the ever so popular track by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello

IndianRaga’s Valentine's Day release is about 'love without conventions'

IndianRaga’s new Youtube video has taken the theme of love without conventions. In this modern-day and age, we have become accepting - of love in ways that are not standard and mundane. Playing the part of two women who fall in love through breezy playful moments, Sruthi Dhulipala and Shruthi Iyer, are IndianRaga fellows who came up with an original Hindi composition to complement the ever so popular “Senorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello.

The Hindi piece, “O Jaana” complements the romantic vibe of Senorita, with lyrics about moments in love, subtle glances that lead to two people falling for each other. Lyricist Sunayana Kachroo also scripted the perfect lyrics for the song in a couple of hours after the melody was set to the piece.

Talking about the same, the members said, "For four artists who had never met before, creating an original composition was a challenge. We came up with the entire idea online - through WhatsApp! We sometimes joke around that we had an online music dating experience! We were “matched” by our interests and skills, and we started texting each other from different parts of the country. Finally, as we met in Boston for the fellowship weekend, we wrapped the piece into a tight bow and headed to recording and production. Our adaptation of Senorita started with a Spanish-flamenco vibe - i.e chords shifting from minor thirds to diminished. We would send each other random voice-notes through wee hours of the day and work on patching random tunes and beats into a complete song. Slowly building layers, we made the perfect piece to complement the original Senorita before we knew it.  During one of our brainstorms, we realized that this song is a blossoming love story and would be a perfect tale for the lead vocalists to play two women in love. And so, we started building a narrative - of the lead roles meeting, instantly connecting with each other, feeling nervous around each other, and slowly starting to fall in love. As we started speaking about “unconventional love stories” we realized showing two women in love, especially the two lead singers in love, is depicting one variation of an unconventional love story, which is refreshing, and a story that must be told - as a component of the modern arts."

IndianRaga was founded to make the classical arts cool and relevant to a young generation globally. The average age of audiences for classical concerts today is very high, and the themes that classical arts traditionally deal with are outdated and quite different from what the youth today is dealing with. IndianRaga is championing the cause of relevant themes today incorporated into the grammar and vocabulary of performance in a meaningful way that bridges the old and the new seamlessly. 

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