Effective tech solutions for these sectors to prep itself and get ready for the post-pandemic boom

Effective tech solutions for these sectors to prep itself and get ready for the post-pandemic boom

We are halfway through the year 2021. The pandemic is still a part of our lives, distancing ourselves from normalcy. However, the pace at which technological adaptation has happened is incredible. The past 16 months have been unpredictable on a range of factors. Digitization became the survival agent. It practically has empowered the hospitality sector to make the most of it and revive business operations when vaccine-based confidence is instilled in travelers.

As the world enters the recovery phase, the following innovative tech solutions in the hospitality industry will play a crucial role in attracting travelers and delivering the sought after safe guest experience.

Contactless hospitality: Pandemic-led requisite is the touchless guest experience. Tourists are eager to visit their favourite destination but not at the cost of healthcare security. Contactless hospitality is the solution for it and it’s turning out to be a new normal. It minimizes person-to-person contact among staff and guests. Moreover, check-ins, guest service, smart locks, guest arrival, stay, and departure - everything is handled digitally in real-time over the internet through software and apps. Restaurants should deploy zero-contact deliveries, takeaways to minimize crowds and ensure guest safety.

For the years to follow, contactless technologies will remain affixed. Digitization is the key to deliver safe hospitality now and in the future.

IoT and In-room amenities: Nothing can replace personalized experiences, and it can be fused with the current isolation demands. Allowing guests to choose their in-room inventory before arrival could mark a substantial start of personalization. Hotels can attempt to merge their visitors’ physical and digital worlds. E.g guests would enjoy connecting their Netflix app to the TV and binge-watch what they love. Furthermore, Travellers can screencast their handheld device onto the TV for enhanced in-room guest satisfaction. The Internet of Things is the Future. Alexa for hospitality is a quintessential personalized hospitality provider. From monitoring room temperature/lights, calling room service/front desk, playing music, checking the weather, guests are treated with AI and ML intelligence and assistance.

Underlining the role of IoT in hospitality and tourism, Spain’s Hotel Technology Institute (Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero, or ITH) stated: “IoT is going to be the major transformative factor in the personalization of the customer experience over the next few years.’’

AR/VR: Augmented or virtual reality (VR) is an emerging and impacting technology solution, amending the way travelers perceive their travel. AR teleports the users to the destination in order to provide them with a real-life experience in real-time. Modern travelers, particularly GenX, and GenZ are keen on such tech assistance and would be looking for it while planning their vacations. VR has the potential to extend the unique guest experience to the next level.

Base technology: Along with touchless and latest tech aid, the underlying hospitality software ecosystem is inevitable, particularly after the COVID-19 hit. Hoteliers must offer, accept, and manage not only bookings but also on-property functions online. A PMS, booking engine, channel manager, POS are fundamental and equally essential hotel software solutions.

Revenue management systems: Hotel revenue management was a less explored avenue until the coronavirus outbreak. Today, when the businesses, trades around the world are resuming, it’s time for hospitality units to equip themselves with a system to optimize their revenue and touchless tech to ensure higher returns. Currently, revenue optimization in hotels is a fundamental business reviving step to effectively price rooms and make sales irrespective of the seasons and other decisive factors.

Technology truly reduced the adversity of the pandemic with ingenious solutions. It’s time for universal unlock. While adhering to hygiene and safety protocols, hospitality businesses would require the listed cutting-edge tech aid to excel and offer tailored experiences to their guests.

This article is authored by Harshdeep Khatri, C.T.O at eZee Technosys.

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