GBV In Media and FII Releases a Toolkit For 'How To Report Rape In India'

The toolkit was launched at Mumbai's Press Club and is all set to launch in other cities across the country.


In a recent event that was held in the Press Club in Mumbai, GBV In Media and Feminism In India (FII) released a well-researched toolkit on 'How To Report Rape' which was a media ethics toolkit on sensitive reportage for gender-based violence. 

As the language employed by media in reporting gender-based violence is very crucial in furthering a society that is more informed and sensitive to the survivors, the toolkit has been designed with the objective of providing media platforms and professionals a handy guide when it comes to reporting gender-based violence.

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Being a media student, the curriculum in the college is vast and covers a plethora of topics, but somehow, the topic of covering gender-based violence doesn't get its due recognition in the syllabus debates or discussions. The toolkit came as a go-to guide and changed my outlook towards the topic. 

The toolkit further included case studies which can broaden one's horizon with regards to the topics discussed and perfectly covers the socio-economic dynamics of it. Following are the topics covered in the toolkit: 

• Using thematic framing rather than episodic framing when covering stories 

• Avoid sensationalistic headlines and body tets 

• Avoid implying that the case is fake or made up

• Which style of language to avoid for both the survivor and the accused 

• Use images that reflect resilience and strength 

• Understand the rape culture i.e. an environment in which rape is prevalent and the one where prevailing values and belief system normalizes sexual violence against women. 

• How to minimize or trivialize the trauma of sexual violence 

You can check out the entire toolkit- here

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