One requires a lot of patience and mental agility to survive in Bigg Boss : Rohit Suchanti

After getting evicted Rohit spoke about his Bigg Boss journey and his experience of playing the game. He also reacted to the 'bisexual' comment passed by the inmates during his tenure in the house. Watch the video to know more!


After acting in various television series, young and handsome actor Rohit Suchanti took a leap of faith when he decided to enter the biggest reality show on television Bigg Boss 12. Rohit entered the show as a wildcard entry and was the youngest amongst the other contestant.

As a wildcard entrant, Rohit had the advantage of knowing the various dynamics of each contestant, which he could use to his benefit. Rohit becomes a bone of contention in the house immediately after his entry. A lot was probed about him by other contestants, but he took a stronghold of himself. His major argument was with Sreesanth who commented about his orientation. Although they both apologized to each other later their relationship post that also wasn’t cordial. Along with Sreesanth, Rohit would always get into a brawl with Dipika.

Rohit soon found a best friend in Srishty Rode, but others mocked their friendship and labelled it as the romantic inclination for each other. But this did not affect their friendship. Rohit started taking the tasks and the game with utmost interest when a caller criticised his involvement in the game. The major twist he brought was when he went against his team in a luxury budget task and played from the opposite team. post Srishty’s exit Rohit’s bond grew stronger with Deepak and Surbhi. But unfortunately, after putting in extra efforts Rohit had to bid farewell to the Bigg Boss house, only a few days from the finale week.

Commenting on his journey, Rohit Suchanti said, “Bigg Boss is a very different experience altogether and I am glad I did it. One requires a lot of patience and mental agility to survive in the game. My stay in the Bigg Boss house was quite amazing and I am glad to be taking back a lot of memories along with me. It does feel a little sad to leave the house so close to the finale but life doesn’t end here, the game should go on. I am quite thankful to everyone who has supported me and the hope the best one wins.”

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