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It's important to Enjoy Life: Dalljiet Kaur

It's important to Enjoy Life: Dalljiet Kaur

Bigg Boss 13 started with much fanfare. Just like every year, there have been quite a few turns already. And there has also been a big upset as Dalljiet Kaur has been evicted from the house. The bubbly actress was last seen in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. We caught up with her after eviction for a little chat. 


ML: So how would you describe your journey English class?
DK: Oh, my journey was very short-lived. I wish it was longer because I was very sure I'm going to stay for long. Because I'm very confident that people are going to like me for who I am. The journey was interesting learnt a lot saw a lot Lived a lot.

ML: Like you said it was a short journey. Did you ever anticipate that it will be this short?
DK: No, no, not at all. In fact, when Salman took my name, for the first two minutes, I was like, this cannot be true. You know, the way he usually jokes about it. And I was like, Damn, I'm going I was not anticipating it at all because I wanted my strength as a as a human being to be shown. And because I was real, it was not very easy to just make connections in like two days and say, You know what, I'm making connections. But I was making amazing connections, which would have shown from this week, which I didn't get a chance.

ML: Do you have any regrets right now in terms of your journey in Bigg Boss house?
DK: Not at all, I, if I have to go back again, I would do the same thing. Maybe I would be more verbal. Maybe I would be more present. But I don't think I could have done things differently in the first week any ways because everyone was figuring out their own thing. Second week onwards I think I spoke about everything. I played my task very well. I was mentally very strong. I was verbally very strong. I did not let any man put me down for anything. I think I did what I had to within a week.

ML: Apart from you, there were a couple of other people who are known faces of television, whether it's the Siddharth, Rashmi or Deblina. Do you think as these people have an established fanbase, that will put them in an advantageous spot as they go along?

DK: Yeah, like that even I have worked enough as well. Like I was told I've been trending from the time I have gone in the house. So clearly the fan base is very strong for me as well. And I don't know the reason of me coming out but I think the kind of love and the kind of positive comments have come is beautiful.

ML: In case you're given a chance to go back as a wild card contestant, will you take that?
DK: Why not, I would love to go back. I just think I did not get to enjoy the connections that I could have. Because my connections were real and it would have shown from this week onwards you know where I think we would have teamed up better. I should have been given more time.

ML: Any person from the Big Boss' house that you will continue to be friends with?
DK: A lot of the them, Siddharth Shukla, Rashmi, Mira, Debo, Aarti.

ML: One of your biggest achievement or learnings that you've probably have had with your experience in the Bigg Boss?

DK: That I am mentally and physically very strong. I did not know. In fact whenever there was a physical task I used to get very excited about doing it. I was very impressed with myself that I'm not timid at all and I'm physically very strong and Bigg Boss has given me the confidence so I'm very happy.

ML: Inside the house, who do you think has a game face at all times?

DK: Paras.

ML: And the most fake person?
DK: Oh lots of them. Sana, Shefali, Dev. Lots of them.

ML: There is an alleged couple already in the house - Shenaz and Paras, do you think they are really dating or they are faking it?

Of course, they are faking it. Within a week, there is love and there is a breakup and a love triangle and there is jealousy. I don't think so many emotions can come up in just two weeks. So i would like to disagree but if there is, God Bless them!

ML: Apart from your son who were you really missing inside the house?
DK: My son. I obviously missed my parents and everyone but my son took over like I realised by the second week I was feeling physical pain in my chest missing him. That emotion I have never felt as I've never been away from him.

ML: Now that you are out, what is the next thing you are planning to do?

I want to spend time with Jaydon. I think he's really missed me a lot. So I would spend time with him now for a few weeks.

ML: How different is this season from the previous seasons?

DK: I can't. I have not followed Bigg Boss much as just too many responsibilities on my head. I have seen bits and bobs of all seasons but it will be very difficult for me to compare it.

ML: Coming back to this season, who do you think has been the most fair?
DK: Shukla has been very fair to me. To each his own but for me he has been the most fair. He has always stood by me and stood by what is right. He is playing the game in his own manner but with me, he has been very fair. 

ML: Did you also have a game plan in mind?
DK: I wish I had. Do you think I would have been out in just 2 weeks if I had a plan? I wish I was that intelligent.

ML: You have earlier been a part of Nach Baliye and now Bigg Boss. Any other reality show that is on your wishlist?
DK: I would love to be a part of Jhalak and challenge myself there. When I came back today, I hugged my son and he was sleeping and when he looked at me, he asked is the competition over? So I said yes. He asked Did you lose? I said yes. But did you enjoy? I said yes! 
So this is my motto, which my child is also putting in me that it is important to enjoy and I enjoyed a lot. 

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