CCTV Cameras to be installed at every station on all three lines

The railways had already installed 1,735 CCTV cameras from Virar to Churchgate station

CCTV Cameras to be installed at every station on all three lines

In order to increase surveillance at railway stations, the railway authorities have decided to increase and install CCTV cameras at every station on three Mumbai local railway lines including Western, Central, and Harbour. 

The CCTV cameras will be installed not only on railway stations but also on their premises. In the first step, the railways will install 2,815 CCTV cameras at stations and its premises on the Western line. The railways decided to install CCTV cameras as a measure to deter terror activities and other crimes including chain snatching and harassment in Mumbai locals and railway stations.

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After Maharashtra government passed this proposal earlier, the railways installed 1,735 cameras from Virar to Churchgate station. The cameras have been installed, beyond Virar, at stations such as Saphale, Vaitarna, Kelve Road. These cameras are high quality which can take good pictures even in the dark.

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