World Economic Forum emphasises on Mumbai being world's most traffic congested city

Citing the report by Dutch navigation company TomTom, the World Economic Forum displayed that Mumbai had become the world's most congested city in terms of traffic


During June 2019, Dutch navigation company TomTom had published a report stating Mumbai has the highest congestion levels amongst 403 cities in 56 countries. Traffic congestion has continued to be one of the prime issues over the past decade as almost 75 percent of cities in the index are reporting increased or stable levels of congestion between 2017 and 2018.

However, looking at the gravity of the issue, the World Economic Forum has tweeted about the same and once again we have been informed that Mumbai, the country's financial capital, has been labelled as the world's most traffic-congested city in the world in 2018. 

Just to provide you with a perspective, the traffic congestion levels in Mumbai are so high that, commuters there are expected to spend an average of 65 percent extra travel time stuck in traffic.

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However, Mumbai is not the only Indian city on the list as the country's capital, Delhi was placed on the fourth spot for being a congested city. Notably, both the cities have a major impact on the country's development and due to the increasing traffic issues, the citizens have been left to face problems on a daily basis.

While the congestion shows that the city has a strong economy, with it arrives a terrible environmental impact which also results in commuters losing a considerable amount of time. 

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