COSMOS: 5 elements of nature to life in vivid colors

Gallery Pradarshak
100 Kalapana Bldg, Plot No. 338, 12th road, Khar West, Mumbai 400052
This workshop will give:
a) detailed press release
b) Some high-resolution images from the show 
c) Invitation

From conventional, yet alluringly sensitive still life’s to stylized figure-based symbolic compositions to his recent series on the 5 Elements of Nature, Nilesh dives deep into the essence of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, exploring their interactions with human energy and the universe at large. Explorations into both subject and medium seem to be an ongoing process in his journey as an artist.

Colour controls the presence of emotion that is attached to every element in his work like - fiery, warm reds of fire, sublime blues of water and wind and the like… Form substantiates his colour codes and is expressed through a conscious effort to create a 'meaningfully orchestrated' visual. A smooth rendering in spray technique, specially selected by Nilesh for this series is the 'key' that brings about harmony. Elements have been given a half-toned effect like the earth or the symbolic spear which adds a fantasy feel to the subject.

The depth in the paintings reflects the artist's own character. Besides several exhibitions and workshops to his credit, Nilesh has been awarded nationally for his work at several competitions. He has always striven to communicate the underlying content of his thoughts through his works of art.
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