How A Mumbai Based Calligraphy And Design Studio Is Chartering A Global Path

Ink n Bliss, Founder, converses with Mumbai Live about her four year journey into the field and how she’s managed to bag an international clientele.

How A Mumbai Based Calligraphy And Design Studio Is Chartering A Global Path

Ink n Bliss, a calligraphy and design studio, is a one-of-a-kind business commenced by Pooja Bhagwat in 2017.

During her conversation with Mumbai Live, she elaborated on how this idea took stem, “Since childhood, I was very particular about handwriting and had a keen interest in arts. Post the completion of my academics, I started working with advertising agencies. However, I didn’t enjoy it as much and thus was propelled towards calligraphy again. Holding a calligraphy pen after nearly eight years was enticing and liberating. I also got a few commissioned works and live calligraphy events which inspired me to convert my passion into a profession. That’s where the journey of Ink n Bliss commenced”.

At this design studio based in Mumbai, one can find custom calligraphy services for Luxury Brands, Corporates, Weddings and Events. This entails, writing letters, invitations, certificates, place cards, gift tags, wedding envelopes, wedding monograms, custom signages and engraving services. 

In addition to this, they also offer on-site events for corporate launches, weddings, calligraphy courses. Bhagwat added, “So far I have taught over 200 students across India and internationally.”

Four years into the business, they have managed to have a clientele of luxury brands such as Christian Dior, Jo Malone London, Massiomo Dutti, Muji amongst others. Bhagwat stated, “I went on an on-site calligraphy event for Massimo Dutti. From there my work reached more people and I got the opportunity to write cards for Jo Malone London, special invitations for Christian Dior on regular basis.”

Additionally, with a range of gifting brands already in the market, Bhagwat has managed to set herself apart by employing personalization. She says, “We have tried our hands on many different surfaces like leaf, metal, leather, stone, agates, amongst others. Thus, the variety of work has set us apart.”

Moreover, with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, business operations were hit. As a start-up, they used a variety of strategies to stay afloat during those times. Bhagwat elaborated, “Our biggest working area, weddings came down drastically to just 50 or 20 people from the previous thousand figures. However, we realised that people still want the best thing for their close 20 people. I also taught calligraphy online which opened up a wide range for me. Earlier, I was restricted to conducting workshops in Mumbai and Pune but the virtual world has enabled me to have students from all over the globe”. Now with the ease of restrictions, the business has had positive ramifications since the shipping has become seamless.

On being asked if she could draw comparisons to the Diwali celebration pre and post-pandemic, Bhagwat elaborated, “Unfortunately last year was tough, but this year there are different orders for writing Diwali cards, notes or customising glass items. I even stepped out for doing on-site calligraphy and engraving as part of the Diwali celebration. All in all, it was a pretty busy Diwali this year compared to the last one.”

Lastly, as an entrepreneur herself, she shared some words of advice for those looking to break into the field. Bhagwat mentions, “I have seen the calligraphy community grow exponentially during the lockdown. One simple piece of advice for beginners is to practice daily and hone your skills consistently. Your work quality is always more important than the social media numbers. Calligraphy takes time and dedicating that much time to this beautiful art is important.” 

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