Motivational Speaker Dr. Binay Singh releases a new book related to Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Binay Singh dedicates his book titled ‘Coronavirus- Opportunity through Adversity’ to motivate all those away from home amid the global pandemic

Motivational Speaker Dr. Binay Singh releases a new book related to Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus threatens to become the worst pandemic the world has seen in centuries and has brought a sudden change in the working lives for humans which is being witnessed by the whole world.  Prognosticators, talking heads, politicians, and alarmists around the globe threaten to start a panic of infinite proportions but “a positive vision of the future is a great inspiration for a beautiful life” is how Singh tries to display his perspective at the current situation of Covid-19 through his book.

‘Coronavirus- Opportunity through Adversity’ is a book dedicated to all of those who are away from their homes and families to serve mankind and to the seafarers’ by Singh. The book offers a different perspective, one of inner peace, the power of prayer, and the promise of a bright future ahead of all who work day and night to serve mankind and are currently on their ships carrying essential cargoes which are needed in various countries now more than ever. This book on the novel coronavirus is very timely along with an objective to keep the seafarers’ community motivated and focused on looking at the possibilities, and preparing for new opportunities in this period of despair.  The book not only tells you how to survive COVID-19 and the mandates being handed down by governments around the world, but how to see the good in everything and fill your days with peace and prosperity.

Singh, The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Singh Marine Management Ltd. and a recognised Global expert in growing the Ukrainian Seafarers came from India to pursue a degree in Marine Navigation at Odessa State Maritime Academy (OSMA) and found his home in Ukraine. Initially working with some of the manning companies Singh eventually started Singh Marine Management Ltd. in 2003. With his team of crewing officers and executives his company serves over 20 International companies and represents their manning interest in Ukraine. Singh is not only an author but also an entrepreneur and a public speaker. Some of his achievements where he has been awarded for “The Most Charismatic personality of the year” by Sailor Today and 18th Sailor Today Sea Shore Awards for “Seafarer welfare” reflects his dedication towards work and passion towards seafarer’s community and their families. To name a few he has also authored “The Art of Maritime Manning: My Insights, Coronavirus: Opportunity through Adversity, Empathy is far more valuable than diamonds” and others. The success behind his growth is his very simple mantra that he follows by “Treat people as you like to be treated.”

Singh will soon be releasing a book titled “International Guide for Seafarers” that compares and contrasts various groups of seafarers to give an insight into who they are and how they follow orders since the seafarers of each country bring a different set of beliefs, cultures, personalities and mannerism. The books also focus on various aspects and traits of seafarers and whether they make good leaders or not. 

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