Soha Ali Khan Releases Kerry Bajaj's Book Titled 'Sleep, Baby, Sleep'

Published by Harper Collins India, the book talks about how an infant's sleep patterns affects his behaviour and how it should be regulated. Kerry Bajaj is a sleep consultant from the US and currently resides in Mumbai.

Soha Ali Khan Releases Kerry Bajaj's Book Titled 'Sleep, Baby, Sleep'

Actor and writer Soha Ali Khan recently unveiled Kerry Bajaj's book titled 'Sleep, Baby, Sleep' at Title Waves in Bandra. Published by Harper Collins India, the book's title is inspired from a nursery rhyme Sleep, Baby, Sleep. The launch session was moderated by blogger Simone Khambhatta.  

Being a sleep consultant from the United States, Kerry Bajaj has helped several families from Mumbai to get their infant's sleep patterns right. Talking about the book Kerry said, "I realised that in India the concept of sleep consultancy for their kids is alien. However, its a very common thing in the US. My daughters Leela (5) and Rumi (3) have slept at 7 pm since they were 7 months old. After moving to India, people from all walks of life have bombarded me with questions related to how I maintain their sleep regimen. This is exactly what inspired me to write this book wherein I have written about everything a parent should know along with providing some facts with surveys. The book explains how a little discipline and a lot of patience can help inculcate good sleep habits for a lifetime." 

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The panel was moderated by blogger Simone Khambhatta wherein Soha and Kerry spoke about their experiences of motherhood. Talking about her experience with 2-year old daughter Inaaya,  Soha said, "I always make it a point that Inaaya sleeps at 7 pm no matter what and even if Kunal tells me to keep her awake so that she can sleep with him after he comes back from work. I want to instil a sense of responsibility in her since the start and therefore she sleeps in her own room and switches off the light by herself even if I'm not there at home."   

Kerry Bajaj is a sleep consultant who is currently living in Mumbai with her husband and two daughters. She has studied infant and child sleep along with holistic nutrition in the US. She is also a member of the Indian Society for Sleep Research.

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