102 Not Out is witty and warm with the ‘wah’ factor

Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor, 102 not out directed by Umesh Shukla strikes the right emotional chords and delivers a story which is highly relatable and heart-warming. Here’s the movie review

102 Not Out is witty and warm with the ‘wah’ factor

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, and Jimit Trivedi

Rating: 3.5/5

Age is just a number. We all have come across this statement several times, especially from the ones who do not embrace getting old, for some believe it is a sign of weakness or getting grumpy or something else. While some live their old age just for the sake of it, leaving behind their passion, hobbies, and interests; but some love it – they do everything they desire and there is happiness gathered at every moment, despite the difficulties that come along with time. Umesh Shukla’s 102 Not Out starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor is one such film.

Adapted from a Gujarati Play with the same title, 102 Not Out is a story about a father, Dattatraya Vakharia (Amitabh Bachchan) who is 102 years old and loves his life. He wishes to live it to the fullest and become the longest living man in history. But the only person who might bother him in this wish is his son, Babulal Vakharia (Rishi Kapoor). The 75-year-old son is grumpy, organized and full of boredom – completely opposite to that of his father. In order to change him, and fulfill his own wish Dattatraya makes a masterplan with his only friend Dhiru (Jimit Trivedi) and asks Babulal to obey it by following the rules, for the best consequences. There begins a happy and emotional journey embarking the father and the son, and that makes the rest of the film.

I believe if a director and writer can convince and make you emotional, half the battle or more is won by them. In this case, they did, and the remaining was done by the superlative cast of the film. Minimalistic yet powerful. Saumya Joshi’s play rides high on sentiments and values. 

The characters sketched are contradictory to each other, but they are connected with the same thought, dependency and a fear of losing the other. The beauty of this film is the simplicity. The dialogues, set up, script, and other elements are quite realistic. Such an old age life is not something many live in reality, but there are millions who wish for. We have many Babulal-like people around who want to live like Dattatraya, and this thought is something which I believe would resonate with the audience.

The best part about the film is that it brings two legends together in a frame again after many years. The characters might be different, but the impact is the same. Watching this unusual father-son duo fills your heart. 

Amitabh Bachchan as ‘102-year-young’ Dattatraya is full of energy, life, and enthusiasm. He spreads laughter and joy with his work, and in some scenes, strikes the emotional chord too. Rishi Kapoor, on the other hand, is one adorable, grumpy grandpa we come across many times in a day. His habits, behaviour, and characteristics are something we have lived with, as someone around us. As Babulal, Rishi Kapoor is highly relatable and convincing. Together, the duo shares a striking chemistry which is rare to see with actors today. Even though they are two legends, the conviction and effortlessness they offer with their roles linger even after the film. Jimit Trivedi as Dhiru is a surprise. Sharing a screen space with experienced actors is not a cake walk, and many would kill for this role. As a sweet friend and a companion, Jimit delivers his role with perfection and also manages to add value with his own additions, for which he certainly deserves appreciation.

The story and idea managed to impress ever since the trailer was released. But the film has a lot to offer. Not very often do we come across 3 men, of different age groups, sharing the screen space, and delivering their best. 102 not out is a must watch, as it takes you on a surprisingly unusual journey filled with emotions. And don’t forget to take your family along, especially the ‘not-out’ ones. It’s time for their movie date!