Add sparkle to your investments with Bajaj Finance FD this Diwali

Add sparkle to your investments with Bajaj Finance FD this Diwali

With slow-paced growth and drastic interest rate cuts across most banking and non-banking institutions, the investment marketplace is a watered-down version of itself around the same time last year. Investor sentiments haven’t been much to talk about either, with many putting off new investments till a more favourable time arises. It’s no surprise that India’s largest banks are cutting FD interest rates, bringing down interest rates on fixed deposit instruments to a paltry 4.9% and lower. With all the gloom surrounding the investment landscape, what investors need is a little sparkle to add to their investment portfolios this Diwali.

 Out of the Box Approach

As mainstream investment options run dry, investor focus realigns from high-risk instruments like equities and stocks to safer alternatives. The need of the hour is an out of the box approach that can assure the safety of principle while offering guaranteed returns. However, for investors looking for low-risk, high-gain vehicles, the choices are limited, especially when considering the recent repo rate cut announced in June 2020. Banks are no longer the go-to investment destination for individuals looking for decent returns.    

To add the much-needed sparkle this festive season, Bajaj Finance Ltd. has introduced fixed deposit schemes that help investors grow their savings by up to forty-four percent.  Investors can lock-in to the prevalent high-interest rates at the comfort and safety of their homes and be assured of handsome returns. Let’s look at how you can transform this year’s Diwali by making an investment in a Bajaj Finance online FD scheme.

Interest Rates

Even amid the volatilities in the market and banks cutting interest rates on fixed deposit plans, Bajaj Finance fixed deposit has maintained a respectable interest rate. As a result, investors can expect a steady growth in savings by up to forty-four percent over the course of three years. The interest rates are particularly great for seniors who get the highest interest thanks to a 0.25% rate boost.

The table below shows fixed deposit interest rates in India and the return on investment for a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme effective November 2020, for an investment period of 3 years.


Fixed Deposit Type

Investment Amount (Rs.)

Interest %

Interest Earned (Rs.)

Maturity Amount (Rs.)

Senior Citizens





Non-Senior Investing Online





Non-Senior Investing Offline





Note: Interest calculated for a 36-month tenure 

For a complete breakdown of fixed deposit interest rates for your specific case, view the Bajaj Finance FD return calculator.

 What’s more, Bajaj Finance fixed deposits schemes have an option to get timely returns that can supplement your income in times of need. This is ideal, especially for seniors looking for timely payments post-retirement. Below is a table with returns for varying interest payout frequencies.

 Initial Deposit (Rs.)

Tenure (in years)

Payout Frequency

Interest rate (in %)

Interest payout (Rs.)













Half Yearly








Note: ROI in the above calculator may vary up to 4 bps with the actual rates offered

Invest Small, Earn Big

Another reason why Bajaj Finance fixed deposit is sure to bring a smile to your face this Diwali, is because of the option to invest in small monthly contributions. The systematic deposit plan (SDP) is a fixed deposit plan that lets you make monthly investments for as low as ₹5,000. Investors can make 6 to 48 monthly deposits over a flexible tenure. What’s more, if you are uncertain about the near future and think that you might miss your payments, simply inform Bajaj Finance Ltd. ahead of time. Your SDP instalments will temporarily be halted. Once you are financially suited to make your monthly payments again, you can continue from where you had left off.

Safety of deposit and assured returns

But by far, the biggest benefit of investing in Bajaj Finance fixed deposit is the guarantee of returns for investors. Unlike other NBFCs, Bajaj Finance FD scheme offers the most secure investment thanks to the highest safety ratings of FAAA by CRISIL and MAAA by ICRA. For investors, this is a great opportunity to safely put their money to good use, and be assured of getting their returns on time.

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