Collaborations between artists from India and Singapore is key for ‘Passion made Possible,’ says GB Srithar

Singapore's new brand ideology 'Passion made Possible' looks forward to providing opportunities to collaborate artists from diverse sectors, thereby promoting all forms of art.

Collaborations between artists from India and Singapore is key for ‘Passion made Possible,’ says GB Srithar

Mumbai’s Sassoon dock is one of the oldest ports and over the last few days, the dock has been transformed with artist collaboration. The credit for the same goes to St+art foundation, who along with MbPT decided to give this area, a much-deserved transformation.

Seeking the opportunity, Singapore tourism collaborated with the foundation to promote their new brand ideology ‘Passion made Possible.’ In an exclusive conversation with Mumbai Live, GB Srithar - Regional Director, SAMEA (Singapore Tourism Board) shares his views about Singapore and the partnership to bring art and artists to the forefront.

About the ‘new’ Singapore

Singapore has always been catering to the changing demand of travellers and has only evolved with time. It has and is undoubtedly one of the well-known destinations for Indians for a holiday. Over the years, it has been one of the go-to destinations for family trips, and now we want to extend a welcome to those who want to visit our country for work, food, art and other pursuits. With our new ‘Passion made Possible’ ideology we look forward to sharing stories about Singapore, through Singaporeans.

Collaboration with St+art and Impresario group

Keeping our new brand communication in mind, we were looking for a good collaboration partner, and it was a coincidence that St+art foundation was planning for a festival in Mumbai. When Mumbai’s Sassoon dock was considered, we wanted to participate and associate to promote as we shared a common vision and alignment. As we evolve and brand evolves, we will have a stronger association with India and will also try to enhance the experience. It is nice to see that all Indian cities are getting lively with more entertainment, arts and lifestyle opportunities. We will explore more opportunities in the future.

About the artist exchange and contribution

One of our artists met 10 women in Mumbai about the city and collected plastic and rubbish, thereby collaborating with the locals for the art. Artists are inspired by Mumbai. We have 2 chefs who have collaborated a limited edition Singapore food menu, and such collaborations help to present deeper stories and stronger messages. With St+art, we aim to talk about the new brand so they can have a deep connection the city.

Association with schools

Our focus will be to look at overseas trips and working with partners to collaborate with educational institutions for experiential journeys. It is an important step and a useful endeavor for us to work with schools and groups in Singapore, so they understand the culture and more about the country.

Integration with brands for ‘Passion made Possible’

The brand was launched in Singapore on August 24, 2017; after which we continued with collaborations with other brands like Thomas Cook, SOTC, make my trip. We are using other ideas to amplify messages in India. Singapore today is widely connected and we are looking at exploring other cities to promote, and not just the metro cities.

Singapore and Bollywood

We are very lucky that Bollywood has found Singapore fascinating, and many movies have been shot. We did collaborate recently with Dharma Productions, where we felt it was a significant part of the film; and we always look forward to more content and collaboration opportunities across sectors.