ALM community efforts help drop the temperature in Santacruz East

ALM community efforts help drop the temperature in Santacruz East

The stifling heat in the city may have become intolerable to a lot of people, but such is not the case with Prabhat Colony in the Santacruz East area. The reason for it is the lush green shady gardens with trees all around. It is since the year 2000 that around 300 trees have been planted; hence, as a result, you will always find a drop of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius in the overall temperature here. Thanks to the meticulous efforts of the ALM community by the name of Prabhat Colony Citizen Association, they are not only keeping the spirit of ‘Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai’ alive but have managed to give the residents of the colony quite much of relief from the scorching heat.

According to 63-year-old Shekhar Saliyan, it has taken a good number of years to maintain consistency in keeping this area clean and green. Devendra Javheria, ALM’s secretary, on the other hand, aims to make many more such developments so as to ensure that the drive to keep this area completely clean and lush. Following are his goals that he intends to achieve to get the area completely developed:

1.To start a Railway Reservation Centre for Santacruz East

2.To get speed breakers constructed on roads

3.To plant at least 30 trees a year

4.To get all the drains cleaned before monsoon

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