BEST takes actions against theft and other serious issues

More than 50 cases have been filed whereby 64 have been caught for issues related to theft, illegal connetions and other matters.

BEST takes actions against theft and other serious issues

As per the information released by BEST, around 50 FIRs of power theft were filed on Monday, December 21, 2020. As per reports, the complaints were related to 2020, whereby connections were taken illegally and several tampered. Over 64 people have been caught related to the issues, and data reveals that over 511 connections were taken illegally.

Officials have also registered 97 other cases and have imposed fines worth nearly INR 4 crores. Of this, INR 2.5 crores was collected until December 20, 2020.

Besides this, officials have stated that cases of power thefts have reduced, however, reports are being received from slum areas, where the teams are trying to control the situation. Information published on TOI states that the distribution losses incurred by BEST have also dropped to 4.34 per cent, whereas 5.94 per cent was reported last year

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