BMC is reeling under shortage of anti-rabies vaccine

In order to help the patients, the anti-rabies vaccine is currently being supplied to Sion, KEM and Rajawadi Hospital, where a maximum number of dog bite cases are reported

BMC is reeling under shortage of anti-rabies vaccine

Since the past three months, many of the civic-run dispensaries and major hospitals in Mumbai are facing an acute shortage of anti-rabies vaccines and it has caused a major inconvenience to the patients.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is reeling under shortage of anti-rabies vaccine, as the sole supplier is not able to provide the required vials due to delay in laboratory testing of the life-saving vaccine. The anti-rabies vaccine is very important as it can help save the lives of people bitten by dogs. It is known, that if the rabies treatment gets delayed, it can worsen the symptoms or can even cause death.

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It is believed that dog bites instances have increased in the city. According to a recent RTI filed by activist Chetan Kothari, in the last six years, 35 deaths occurred due to rabies. 

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